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Naked In The Paranormal
Naked In The Paranormal: Photo Courtesy of Facebook

I think most of you will agree, Naked and Afraid is one weird show. Sending people off into the wilderness, without even a strip of cloth to wear? That seems like a perfect realization of the Hunger Games. But there is a reason why these shows come into being, why they become popular. They try to instigate the primal instinct in mankind. The primal instinct for survival, against all odds. After all, everyone wants to live, and it’s a heck of amusement watching someone fight till their last breath to live, right?

But I think none of us would have ever presumed that such a concept would ever be experimented in the paranormal realm. And I don’t think it is going to, for that matter.

Although some noise was raised by casting agent Chrissy Glickman, when she threw in an email to John Albrecht of the Examiner, or she was alleged to, anyway. The LA casting agent, working for Matador Content, is said to have mailed  Albrecht about their recent decision to launch a ghost hunting show, where cast members will be performing in complete nudity.

That’s right. Chasing ghosts without even one iota of cloth on their bodies. It all sounds very sane. Glickman even clarified that “all private parts will be blurred out when the show airs”. And guess what? “Investigators will be paid for their appearance”. That’s a relief.

Cast members will even get paid! Clarified Glickman in the email.

“This show is not about putting a bad light, causing drama or making fun of the paranormal. This idea was brought to our company after research on paranormal investigation teams in history doing it in the nude and we want to see if their reasoning for doing it in the nude really does get spirits to communicate easier.”

Not a surprise, Glickman started receiving all sorts of negative comments once the Examiner let their article go live. Once she did, she realized how incomprehensible the idea was. She has since refused to take any responsibilities for this inflammable email she allegedly sent to Albrecht and others, and now claims that her original mail talked nothing of ghost-hunting in the nude, just a plain ol’ ghost hunting show. She has even accused John Albrecht of the Examiner of fabricating such a mail and sending it to several others, in order to create a sensation.

It’s a catfight all around. Meanwhile, prospects of Naked In The Paranormal seem slightly dimmed to me.

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