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offtrackLes Stroud, better known as Survivorman, has always been vocal about the Sasquatch phenomena. Mr. Stroud has been  spending weeks, sometimes months, alone in the wilderness for his shows and has had several unexplained and creepy things happen to him while alone in the woods.

Recently Stroud went OFF TRACK to talk his experiences with Sasquatch and some military branch he chose not to mention.

“I will go on record and say that I’ve had elite military individuals say to me: Yeah, we know that they’re there… ”

He then goes on to paint a scenario as to why the government does not want us, the people, to find out the truth about the mysterious creature. Stroud then brings up a very interesting point: Are the global timber barons covering up the evidence of the existence of Bigfoot just so that they could mine/frack the natural resources that lay below the rich American landscape?

Think about it. If Sasquatch is proven to be real then all its habitat would be considered protective wilderness. Meaning that no corporation would then be allowed to mine the bountiful natural resources since Bigfoot would be put in a very special endangered animal  list.

  • IThinkso

    A ‘big foot’ trace was found at the Big Sur Station (Los Padres National Forest), … was stuck in the back of the Subaru … parked in the visitors parking.

  • Justice Juice

    How do you control the masses best? Fear. What inspires fear for generations? The boogeyman.

  • IThinkso

    ‘Unexists’ have replicas … and goes extinct, too, … mind-boggling paradox

  • IThinkso

    Oh darn it! … the evidence

  • Joxman2k

    Well said. I believe that Les is well grounded and has thought a lot about the possibilities. If you think about a subject long enough, no matter what it is, and you run out of facts and how they fit together, you will eventually create scenarios and bring in unrelated and tangential facts that support that scenario, then THE CONSPIRACIES ARE REAL!

    Curiosity is the genesis of conspiracies, but conspiracies are not the result of curiosity, just the failure of when to stop.

  • IThinkso
  • mtman2

    It’s ridiculous to believe these never proven to exist imaginary creatures are really out there.
    A long time ago- some wing-nut would have shot one while hunting, been hit by a vehicle or
    died some other way and the body discovered; ie- bones etc ~!

  • Barry Gefreiter
    This is a journal of a gov’t dr. who has worked on many Bigfoot bodies

  • Clay Davis

    How often do people come upon the skeleton of mountain lion, or other rare predator animal?

  • mtman2

    First off mt. lions are not rare, and they get hit by cars regularly; as do deer, elk, moose bears and down the list.
    Again I would not shoot such a creature except only IF in defense of my life, yet there’s lots of people that would- in the last 400+yrs there are none or it would be well known, hunters are everwhere in season as are hikers and fisherman(with cameras) Hoaxers are plentiful, as is wishful thinking.
    It’s a nice myth to ponder + peruse a fun sc-fi like:
    “Harry+the Henderson’s”(1987) or “The Abominable Snowman”(1957)

  • Twisted1

    I’m an avid hunter and former guide with 30+ year experience in the woods of the southwest. I’ve spent a bit of time, both alone and in groups in the back country. I’ve never come into contact with anything resembling a big foot. Something I notice when watching any of the shows is that many people aren’t familiar with being in a remote place at night and how many animals are still active. Small and large. It’s very difficult to distinguish a small animal close or a large animal a little ways away without experience. I’ve heard large animals moving through the forest. I’ve come in contact with bears which can stink like an outhouse or not. Bull elk rutted up and skunks who have been fighting with a dog for 30 minutes have unique smells.

    Now, the question isn’t so much if I believe or not. I think there could be a large animal out there. My problem with it is nothing but foot prints have been found. Granted, bones are gone within a season by mice, scat is gone within a season by rain and snow. Hides are gone within a season by decay.

    Les makes a good point and I wouldn’t put anything past corporate greed. I think Les has credibility in the woods. He’s spent more time out there than most and can differentiate bull from the truth. he’s taken a more scientific approach to his searches. Keep it up and I’ll keep watching.If there really is something out there, evidence will be the ticket. Good Luck!