Survivorman Les Stroud: Military & Corporations Shrouding Bigfoot

Survivorman Les Stroud: Military & Corporations Shrouding Bigfoot

offtrackLes Stroud, better known as Survivorman, has always been vocal about the Sasquatch phenomena. Mr. Stroud has been  spending weeks, sometimes months, alone in the wilderness for his shows and has had several unexplained and creepy things happen to him while alone in the woods.

Recently Stroud went OFF TRACK to talk his experiences with Sasquatch and some military branch he chose not to mention.

“I will go on record and say that I’ve had elite military individuals say to me: Yeah, we know that they’re there… ”

He then goes on to paint a scenario as to why the government does not want us, the people, to find out the truth about the mysterious creature. Stroud then brings up a very interesting point: Are the global timber barons covering up the evidence of the existence of Bigfoot just so that they could mine/frack the natural resources that lay below the rich American landscape?

Think about it. If Sasquatch is proven to be real then all its habitat would be considered protective wilderness. Meaning that no corporation would then be allowed to mine the bountiful natural resources since Bigfoot would be put in a very special endangered animal  list.