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Veach in a video explaining the strange cave he found in the Nevada desert


In November of 2014 Kenny Veach, a 47 year-old experienced hiker ventured off into the Nevada desert in search of a strange cave he had spotted during a previous hike near the Nellis Air Force Base. According to a comment he left on YouTube, the cave was odd and had a strange entrance that resembled the letter M. As he approached, he claimed to have felt a strong vibration engulf his entire body. The closer he got the more the vibration intensified.  Whatever was inside the cave made him fear for his life. Kenny left and returned days later with proper gear and a gun for safety. That was the last time anyone saw him alive.


The Comment



Kenny’s initial comment on YouTube got others intrigued on the mysterious M cave. They began requesting a follow up exploration on the cave, which Kenny vowed to do as soon as he had the proper gear and protection with him.  Here’s a video response that he made shortly before vanishing.

It’s in this video that Kenny’s girlfriend decides to leave a comment to the public after not hearing from him since his disappearance. Click to enlarge the message.


Despite the search efforts provided by friends, family, and the Nevada Red Rock Search and Rescue team there are no signs that Kenny Veach is alive. Combing through the area where he was last reported being, rescuers managed to find his cellphone but nothing else.  No other signs of Kenny have since been found.

Whatever happened to Kenny Veach?

There are several stories about the vast deserted land in Nevada. Stories of a vast cave network near the Nellis Air Force base that house aliens and other top governmental secrets. The stories play a big part of Kenny’s disappearances by offering us a paranormal explanation to his disappearance.

However these are just stories.

Kenny Veach’s disappearance in many ways is strange given his description of the cave and the fact that he vowed to return to explore the cave and never to be seen or heard from again. One can draw a paranormal conclusion from these facts and write a proper X-Files episode. However this isn’t Hollywood.

Veach claimed he found a cave that made himself feel uneasy and genuinely scared for his life. His decision to go back and investigate alone was unwise, yet understandable. He felt the safe in the desert. Safe enough to go into it alone. A mistake that probably cost him his life.



  • daniel stt

    how do you think he killed himself like in what way?

  • daniel stt

    i need to know

  • Insaneindamembwane

    Sounds like he stumbled upon something the government didn’t want anyone to see and certainly didn’t want him to take pics and leave. Considering that our government lies to the public about the current state of technology and affairs, I’m not surprised. The government has been building underground in the desert for years now. They build their little toys underground and then test them in the desert. If you see something you aren’t supposed to, who would ever know if our government made people disappear?

  • Cruithneach

    I believe you buddy. In fact I got the feeling while reading his ex girls message above, that although not involved in anything nefarious, she was also not surprised in the way the syntax would express or imply astonishment, just sad, and sad in the way when a sick loved one finally is over powered by disease. So your comment whipped the live end of the line so to speak.

  • Cruithneach

    There’s some neat craters in that general area too hey.Like systems active, gone critical and enough earth to cover the LA basin 3 feet deep relocated in under 15 seconds type holes. Did anyone ever see that footage where the 5 or 6 guys all stand unprotected directly under a mid air detonation equal to about 5 kilotons of trinite? “Golly Bob, I never noticed you had such a nicely detailed skeleton before” or “OUUUUCCCH it burns, these goggles are doing nothing”

  • Cruithneach

    I’ll keep an open mind. I’ve literally seen things that make what you say seem far less crazy than it sounds to the uninitiated, and had I not seen them.There is definitely weird shit going down and world governments are in the same club and totally of the hook. Reasonably peaceful for centuries then all of a sudden mass shooting jumping out the box in every western nation, after people caught stealing children en masse are protected legally. I spent 3 days at a clinic and met one of these mass shooters by chance. Wade Frankum. He was double teamed by two guys that bullied him relentlessly really giving him a hard time while nurses at Westmount ignored it. One representing himself as military (though he didn’t really look it) 3 months later he shot 7 people.
    I told the lady running the clinic at the time (i wish I could remember her name “you & this place is evil” packed my stuff and split.) This was when my first child was born around 90-91, and when I asked Wade why he was at the clinic, he said his government hypnotherapist thought it would be a good way to deal with his “Marijuana” addiction.

    I’ve read quite a few books on Hypnosis, Eriksonian and otherwise, and Wade was a very suggestible guy. Out to please, and wanting a friend. I felt sorry for him as these two guys didn’t give poor old Wade a break full of hate for him he didn’t deserve at the time. There is a possibility also he was one of the 15% that is sent loopy by Pot or manic.
    Whether I believed or not, and I’ve had some hard core dudes just outright attack me like hired spooks not impressed with me saying things along these lines.
    I’ve had many of these strange synchronicities or serendipitous events that proved to be tesserae in a far larger mosaic of the world Zeitgeist. To the point where if I did not know any different, seems like nature itself or something was steering me into events that coalesce into an awareness of a secretive global conspiracy of events, like the weird relationship between the Kennedy & Lincoln murders for instance is one most people have seen, and where certain aspects of Masonry have sabotaged justice and my life.Some have been quite kind too, but the Crown Temple legal franchise completely perverted true justice to my detriment in 2001 or so to the point I couldn’t even hire a Solicitor; they wouldn’t even listen to my claims as if they already knew, and had they listened one of my daughters might still be alive.
    If all you say is true, but without doubt, the world is under the control of very evil people and other things too posing as other worldly visitors and I see no peaceful way of getting it back. We need a Napoleon and must be as staunch as him this time in a new “Continental system” so to speak, because anyone that can’t see a problem at the moment, and the well is being tainted with so many by design its near impossible to work out where to start, just isn’t paying attention and who could want their kids to grow up in this? (Pan in weeping Indian)

  • Rey Galjour

    More than 30 people showed up AT THEIR OWN EXPENSE to drive 40 miles and then walk many miles out into the desert mountains on multiple days to search for this man, plus they spent considerable amounts of time investigating his belongings, writings, messages, and computer use trying to determine what his motivations, mental state, and possible destinations were. By the time volunteer search and rescue was involved, Mr. Veach had already been missing for a few days and Metro SAR (the professionals who are best at life-threatening rescue operations) had called off the live search for him. It was NOT a life-threatening scenario for the volunteer SAR, it was a recovery operation.

    As far as going into mineshafts is concerned, you’re a fool and a dangerous SAR technician if you think that putting people into mineshafts is a good idea. You DO NOT “grab your harness and shimmy your ass down that hole”, EVER! For one it’s illegal, and secondly it’s not likely covered by insurance should someone get hurt, and thirdly it was 40 miles away from civilization should there be an injury. And fourth and most importantly it’s inherently DANGEROUS AND POSSIBLY LETHAL because of the potential of toxic gases being present which have no smell and which occur in mineshafts all the time. Risking your life for someone is one thing, but being reckless with your own life is just plain stupid. And descending into unknown mineshafts is just plain reckless and stupid.

    At the time of the search, the question on whether to descend into the mineshaft was raised and it was rightfully deemed to be an unnecessary risk, considering that it was no longer a live search and was a recovery instead. The police and fire department were contacted immediately with the information, and it was their discretion on whether to investigate it with the proper equipment and personnel trained to operate in confined spaces. They both declined as far as I know. The decision to drop a camera down the mineshaft was the safe and sensible decision at the time, one that didn’t unnecessarily risk someone’s life or break the law.

    As far as bloodhounds and FLIR, there were no bloodhounds and there was no FLIR to be used, so obviously they weren’t used.

  • Rey Galjour

    I don’t know how. I do know that he did own a firearm that wasn’t recovered.

  • TKay Michel

    If you consider 90 miles “near.”