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Alien Drawings Found In Trash

October 22, 2014 – 10:18 AM | One Comment | 1,133 views

People throw away the darndest things. That fact does not make any of that trash evidence of anything.
From Neo Nettle.com
Mysterious Box Found In Trash Contained Drawings Of Extraterrestrials
By: Sasha Sutton  |@SashaEricaS
October 21st 2014
They say one …

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Friday Video: ClownHouse

October 30, 2009 – 11:24 AM | 4 Comments | 1,337 views

Ah Halloween!
I take the Metro train from Union Station in L.A. to Pasadena every morning. It’s a nice ride, sure beats dealing with traffic. This morning I’m walking through the underground tunnel to buy …

Zombies make the news, but should you worry?

October 29, 2009 – 7:58 AM | 5 Comments | 1,536 views

Should you worry about the zombie apocalypse?

Haunting photo from a Cleveland ghost tour

October 28, 2009 – 10:50 PM | 9 Comments | 1,989 views

Looks like a group of women that went ghost hunting caught some sort of image in a picture taken when one womans divining rod started to receive alot of movement. It seems the these ghost …

Favorite Halloween Cartoons

October 28, 2009 – 10:56 AM | 7 Comments | 1,982 views

With my favorite holiday fast approaching, I often think back of the halcyon days when I was a kid and how everything around me seemed to have that extra Halloween touch that made this my …

Strange Going Ons At Old College House

October 28, 2009 – 9:49 AM | 652 views

Old legend Brings about unexplained incidents in this old house at Washington and Jefferson College in Pittsburgh.
Watch the report here.
From kdka.com

It’s a haunted tale that has been passed down for decades.
The ghost of a Confederate …

NBC requests full body apparition video… Wasn’t that video a hoax?

October 27, 2009 – 11:53 AM | 5 Comments | 1,598 views
NBC requests full body apparition video… Wasn’t that video a hoax?

If you’re a loyal reader of GhostTheory, then you might remember an article I did way back in February of this year, titled “Full body apparition? or sloppy hoax?“. On this article I was …

Speaking of the dead…

October 27, 2009 – 3:06 AM | 3,500 views

As you all know Ghosttheory.com was invited to come speak at the Haunted Speakeasy hosted by Smartgals.org and Creepyla.com. Since this was our first public talk for both Javier and I, we were a bit …

So You Think “Paranormal Activity” Is Real?

October 26, 2009 – 11:58 AM | 103 Comments | 64,573 views

I’m sure by now many have seen “Paranormal Activity”. If you haven’t, then don’t continue reading, there are some spoilers ahead.
One of our readers, BellaBoo, posted a link to the James Randi website (skeptical website) …

Don’t Forget! Come hear us speak tonight!

October 25, 2009 – 10:45 AM | 2 Comments | 397 views
Don’t Forget! Come hear us speak tonight!

If you live in Los Angeles and are in the mood for some true-life ghost stories, then don’t miss out on Creepy LA’s “Haunted Speakeasy” tonight!
The event will be held in Mt. Hollywood Underground, a …

Sons Die In Fire, Mother Converts Home Into Haunted Attraction

October 25, 2009 – 8:31 AM | 6 Comments | 948 views

When I read this story I genuinely felt upset. I cannot fathom how in the world a mother would think this is OK.
Six months after her children tragically died in a fire in their home, …

Memphis locals getting hands on ghost hunting experience

October 24, 2009 – 5:59 AM | 771 views

Photo by Ben Fant
Memphis paranormal investigators lead byMichael David allow locals to participate in their own ghost hunting experience.
On a dimly lit back street, outside an abandoned cemetery, Michael David corralled 10 people around the …

CreepyLA’s Haunted Speakeasy This Sunday

October 23, 2009 – 9:47 AM | 529 views

My buddy’s blog, CreepyLA.com is a premier site with up-to-the-minute creepy things to do in Los Angeles.
From haunted hay rides to 99 cent Halloween costumes, David Markland keeps those of us in the L.A. area …

Friday Video: Amityville, Horror or Hoax?

October 23, 2009 – 9:17 AM | 26 Comments | 48,629 views

One of the most known and controversial stories in the annals of the paranormal is the “Amityville Horror”. The story has such an elaborate plot, with enough conspiracies to make the writers of any of …

Full Body Apparition at Miami Estate?

October 22, 2009 – 10:52 AM | 7 Comments | 4,316 views

What many people refer to as “the holy grail” of the paranormal is to capture an actual full body apparition on film. The term and meaning are taken lightly at times, thus the naming of …

Folsom Prison Ghosts

October 22, 2009 – 9:36 AM | 952 views
Folsom Prison Ghosts

If there is one place that should be haunted, it should be prisons. So much hardship and deaths are radiated throughout prison walls over time. Folsom Prison not being an exception.
The infamous prison made famous …

Is your school haunted?

October 22, 2009 – 3:11 AM | 4 Comments | 994 views

Photo by: Marie-France Coallier, The Gazette

Almost every school has it’s Urban legends and ghost stories. I’ve recently been reading about more and more schools doing a bit more investigating and research to see if …

Off-duty Sergeant Reports Strange Beings

October 21, 2009 – 9:06 AM | One Comment | 3,309 views

The following report states that an off-duty sergeant stumbled onto a few humanoid figures (for lack of better term) that seemed to be inspecting a crop circle near Silbury Hill, England.
The sergeant reported them wearing …

Ghosts at Disneyland debunked?

October 20, 2009 – 11:12 AM | 9 Comments | 1,800 views

GT’s Joe Ruiz brought my attention to his video and I thought the readers of GT might like to see this themselves. The video is a debunking video done on YouTube, of course, with the …

Extreme Paranormal: Your Thoughts?

October 20, 2009 – 7:44 AM | 47 Comments | 4,589 views

A&E’s Extreme Paranormal premiered last night and I have to say that it was one of the worst paranormal reality shows that I have seen since “Ghost Adventures”. I cannot believe what I was …

Extreme Paranormal Debuts Tonight: Get Your Grading Pens Out

October 19, 2009 – 10:21 AM | 34 Comments | 1,478 views
Extreme Paranormal Debuts Tonight: Get Your Grading Pens Out

Like we mentioned back in September, A&E has a new paranormal show debuting tonight. Following the same suspense building technique as “Paranormal State”, the show’s trailer looks very unimpressive.
I know I must be cautious about …

Creationist Museum Displays Chupacabras

October 19, 2009 – 9:06 AM | 2 Comments | 2,727 views
Creationist Museum Displays Chupacabras

Remember that story about a “Chupacabras” that was found in Cuero texas?
Well apparently the taxidermist sold the stuffed canid to Mr. Adolfi, a museum owner.
Mr. Adolfi being a creationist decided to display this creature publicly …

Black American West Museum Haunted?

October 18, 2009 – 11:23 PM | 880 views

“[Spirit PI] brought children on this investigation to see if they could stir up the spirit of Dr. Justina Ford.”
Did I just read that correctly?
I know some people include children while ghost hunting, like …