• Video: Could This Be Real Paranormal Activity?

    Video: Could This Be Real Paranormal Activity?70

    • September 13, 2013

    By now GT regulars know about Mulder’s World and all the great stuff over there. I have been tracking one video in particular and discovered that it was actually posted last year for a short time. Now, on it’s repost the jackpot has been hit as it’s going viral crazy. Now, I have no idea

  • Image Of Ghost In Claimed Haunted House

    Image Of Ghost In Claimed Haunted House10

    • September 4, 2013

    Coming to us from New Hampshire is this new image from a reputed haunted house. The photo in question was posted on Facebook and promptly noticed by a friend of the family, Daniel Tanner. Daniel thought it spooky enough to post on Redditt and the rest is history. Here is the gist of the story

  • Video: Is This The Ghost Of Princess Di?14

    • January 19, 2012

    Apparently Lady Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales is hanging out in Glasgow these days and when I say hanging, I mean that literally…as in a hanging stained glass window. Diana was known as being the people’s Princess. A selfless woman, devoted to charities and an outspoken opponent of land mines, She was more than an

  • Grandmother Claims Poltergeist Is Tormenting Her4

    • November 21, 2011

    Doris Birch a 73 year old grandmother from Herne Bay (I’m assuming this is in the UK) says she is being plagued by a Poltergeist. A former nursing home assistant, she claims her ghostly problems began about 4 months ago and has since become a major problem. Doris says that the poltergeist touches her while

  • Video: Ghost Caught on CCTV?

    Video: Ghost Caught on CCTV?25

    • September 30, 2011

    This story comes to us from The Sun and shows what appears to be an apparition on a CCTV security camera. The female figure can be seen walking by a doorway and momentarily stopping to look straight at the camera. The description is as follows from Youtuber tushea: GHOST CAUGHT ON CAMERA!!! A mate just

  • The Pump House and the Parabot12

    • March 13, 2010

      So I start visiting my usual sites that I check out for paranormal news, and run across this story at one of them. Robert Bess has created a robot called the ‘Parabot’ a remote controlled chamber designed to capture ghosts, and also make them visible. Intrigued, I continued to search and hunt for stories

  • More on the “Child apparition” video3

    • November 25, 2008

    JasperHaunts supposed child apparition at the haunted Bed & Breakfast Last week I wrote about the ‘Child Apparition at Prosperity School’ video. Seriously casting some doubts to the video since what we could only see were faint shadows in the background. Being that GhostTheory always writes/reports with a skeptic mindset to all claims of the

  • Full Body Apparition Caught on Camera46

    • October 13, 2008

    Photo showing apparition Kristen Sheley – Paranormal Investigator says: “Paul, when you capture a full body apparition, it’s like playing the lottery!” I simply agree with Kristen, what she caught tonight was exceptional. Imagine this, Kristen is standing at the end of the hallway with two other investigators, she prepares to snap her picture and


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