The Pump House and the Parabot


So I start visiting my usual sites that I check out for paranormal news, and run across this story at one of them. Robert Bess has created a robot called the ‘Parabot’ a remote controlled chamber designed to capture ghosts, and also make them visible. Intrigued, I continued to search and hunt for stories and information pertaining to the Parabot. What I found wasn’t appealing.

Robert Bess has a degree in physics and has created the Foundation for Paranormal Research, but I’m skeptical of this man from what I’ve read so far. His creation, the Parabot, appears to be a plexiglass telephone booth on wheels, and sports a tesla coil at it’s center. The parabot is remote controlled to move around which raises serious questions in my mind about the way it is used and promoted, yet Bess claims that the Parabot will contain and make visible, paranormal entities for a limited amount of time. Humoressly, in the following video, Bess states that the Parabot ‘will find and contain’ ghosts. Well if it’s remotely operated to move around, how will ‘it’ find it? Also from what I’ve seen so far, the only reason why this contraption is powered to move around is for ease of transport.

So far, I have not been successful in finding any evidence of captures, although Robert claims to have caught two in 2007 and several more with newer versions of the Parabot, along with evidence to substantiate experiments made with the device. I’m skeptical though as I have seen a picture (wish I knew where it was so I could show it) of what appears to be smoke, which is said to be an apparition. This is quite funny considering in the last video, kerosene fog is pumped into the Parabot…why? If the evidence he has is the apparation looking like smoke, pumping smoke into the Parabot would be the last thing I would do.

So far, Robert and his invention are mired in controversy. After unleashing this device upon the masses, the Travel Channel became involved and invited Robert to a live airing of Ghost Adventures  in 2009 , which turned out to be a debacle after Robert apparently put on a show of being harrased by a ‘poltergeist’ and throwing a EMF detector, claiming it was ripped out of his hands.

As of March 8th of 2010, Robert had a repeat performance at the three mile lock on Virginia, at the Pump House.  From all reports that I have read, it appeared to be quite a show, with show being the operative word. The equipment Robert used would have made any local rave jealous, ranging from strobe lights, fog generators, mood music pumped over speakers, not to mention the annoying siren the Parabot makes along with the loud popping sound from the electrical discharge. Ghosts? If I was a ghost, I wouldn’t even want to be in the same room with all this equipment!

At times, I hate to shoot from the hip, but this is one of those times. I earnestly can’t see how this device is useful, except to a showman. It’s loud, annoying and apparently hasn’t produced any evidence that is worthwhile while  the event last week looked staged from all that I have read and saw through pictures and video. It’s hard to give Robert any credit honestly. His methods are questionable along with his character and  the Parabot is a remote controlled platform of entertainment, designed to be more of a showpiece than a tool. It’s unfortunate that the reoccuring theme nowadays is that of exposing people of this nature rather than promoting those doing actual research, but such is the times we live in. Not suprisingly though, Bess might have a new gig in the future with a channel we all know and love…A&E! Read the end of previous link for a teaser into this show. I am currently taking bets to see if it outlasts the two episodes Extreme Paranormal put out.

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