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A Flying Horse In West Virginia

January 17, 2018 – 11:51 PM | 4,121 views

In July of 1878 the New York Times wrote an article titled “What a West Virginia Farmer Saw.” The article talked about a telegram that had come from a small town in Parkersburg, West Virginia …

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Strange Sounds From An Abandoned Mine

March 26, 2017 – 10:21 AM | 6 Comments | 33,456 views

I take my dog out for walks in one of Brooklyn’s oldest and biggest cemeteries. Short hills littered with graves and trees that┬áspread out across hundreds of acres. She likes the scenic route which takes …

When your Sleep App records more than just your sleep

June 13, 2016 – 12:17 PM | 2 Comments | 66,150 views

When my head hits the pillow every night, I usually fall asleep relatively fast. Of course this is after I’ve triple-checked all the doors and windows and made sure that they were locked tight so …

‘Mysterious Voice’ Rescue: Footage Released

March 17, 2015 – 9:48 AM | 25 Comments | 22,387 views


The bodycam footage of the dramatic rescue of a toddler inside an overturned car has been released and it’s not what I was expecting.
Last week we posted the incredible story of a group of …

Reader Submitted: My Paranormal Night At Fort Mifflin

February 17, 2014 – 4:50 AM | 5 Comments | 8,521 views

Fort Mifflin is an historic site steeped in not only American history, but paranormal activity. Originally commissioned in 1771, the fort is located on the Delaware river, just below Philadelphia. Early in it’s history it …

Radio Free Saturn

May 28, 2013 – 11:57 AM | 7 Comments | 1,975 views

Our own Lindsay has had an occurrence of EVP, Electronic Voice Phenomena that she posted for the readers to hear.
EVP are electronically generated noises that resemble speech, but are supposedly not the result of intentional …

Some Of the Most Hair Raising Photos You’ve Ever Seen

May 10, 2013 – 6:50 AM | 29 Comments | 18,600 views

I often begin my articles talking about my searches for content. Well, guess what? This article is going that route as well. Frankly, I can’t help it as I find most of my stories from …

GT Exclusive: GhostTheory’s Lindsay Records EVP In Her Home

April 13, 2013 – 5:28 AM | 74 Comments | 10,769 views

You read that right! As if it weren’t enough that our very own Lindsay single handedly saved our Facebook page from the scrapheap, now she’s providing current, personal paranormal content to the GhostTheory.com.
It was Wednesday …

Neurologist Examines The “Ghost Box”

May 22, 2012 – 10:16 AM | 12 Comments | 7,103 views

Dr. Novella is a Neurologist at the Yale University School of Medicine, as well as the president of the New England Skeptical Society. He recently published an article on NeuroLogica about the pseudoscience that ghost …

Ghost Box: Pareidolia Through White Noise

May 9, 2012 – 8:17 AM | 19 Comments | 4,958 views

Everyone’s aware that Thomas Edison had a number of patents, ranging from the practical to the bizarre. One of his most bizarre experiments was a device he was tinkering with that could allow him to …

Boo or BS: Is This A Real Ghost?

January 28, 2012 – 10:52 AM | 11 Comments | 3,907 views

Yesterday, I was very perturbed by the fact that all the UK websites which put out regular paranormal stuff were down. At the root of my irritation was one particular story about a ghost photographed …

Shrewsbury library EVP?

September 17, 2009 – 8:37 AM | 10 Comments | 2,090 views

The West Midlands Ghost Club team carried out an investigation at the Shrewsbury Library. What they claim to have captured where EVPs of female ghosts. The all male team say that there were no women …

600 year old Mansion said to be haunted

July 30, 2009 – 12:22 PM | 2 Comments | 4,398 views

spiritquestuk.co.uk investigated a 600 year old mansion and claim to have picked up interesting EVPs throughout the place. EVPs such as music or drumming, voices, heavy breathing, a little girl singing as well as …

Dumfries Museum: results of the investigation

March 9, 2009 – 8:28 AM | 1,197 views
Dumfries Museum: results of the investigation

Remember the post on the haunted Dumfries Museum that we did awhile back?
Well the results of the investigation are in.
You can hear the EVPs at the investigator’s website:
I personally do not consider EVPs reliable evidence, …

More on the “Child apparition” video

November 25, 2008 – 4:15 AM | 2 Comments | 4,655 views

JasperHaunts supposed child apparition at the haunted Bed & Breakfast
Last week I wrote about the ‘Child Apparition at Prosperity School’ video. Seriously casting some doubts to the video since what we could only see were …