• Is This Mothman Seen Flying Over Santiago Chile?

    Is This Mothman Seen Flying Over Santiago Chile?11

    • October 5, 2013

    It appears Mothman shows up all over the world and why not? I mean, it is supernatural, right? Actually, it could be anything, even a Barn Owl for all I know. However, avid readers of GhostTheory know that I am obsessed with this cryptid creature. Why? As Van Halen says, “You really got me!” Now

  • Texans Report Flying Humanoid

    Texans Report Flying Humanoid8

    • September 6, 2011

    “Flying Humanoids” reports are the type of stories that you like reading in some outdated and obscure Reader’s Digest booklet. At least for me, I become enthralled with the possibilities of flying human-like creatures —like the Mothman— being reported throughout the skies. Recently these types of reports occur in the south western United States and


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