Is This Mothman Seen Flying Over Santiago Chile?

Is This Mothman Seen Flying Over Santiago Chile?

It appears Mothman shows up all over the world and why not? I mean, it is supernatural, right? Actually, it could be anything, even a Barn Owl for all I know. However, avid readers of GhostTheory know that I am obsessed with this cryptid creature. Why? As Van Halen says, “You really got me!”

Now we have a sighting out of Santiago, Chile that has people freaking out. On September 29th, a witness in a downtown Santiago park saw what is described as a two meter tall Manta Ray, flying from tree to tree. Another witness claims he and his wife saw the humanoid flying creature eating what he says could be a dog.

Here’s the story from blogspot zoopedia with the video from the news outlet, Matinallared. Please forgive the translation as Xavier is on vaca for his B-Day and isn’t here to clean it up for me. I think you’ll figure it out though.


September 29, near the 21.00 hours at the downtown Bustamante Park in Santiago was observed a flying being who flew from a tree to another, and which was described size as 2 meter and shaped like a manta raya.

Ignacio, a young man who witnessed privileged of this brief but disconcerting to be flying, do not want to give their identity but yes put journalist Salfate available in channel network that episode. Its description is specific to commenting wings from the upper part of his body until the bottom of their humanoid limbs. He made a drawing of the observed that we present in this reporter.

A witness’s name Sylvia does not hesitate to confirm the image of this blanket stripe flying with human appearance in the commune of Lo Barrenechea, even a person via e-mail expresses the following and his vision would be in a place very close to the Parque Bustamante.


This creature saw me and my wife in one of the towers of the Church of San Francisco in Santa Isabel with San Francisco and he was eating something similar a dog think that if they review this tower you will find remains of this unfortunately have no registration but if the story of my lady and my time in Santiago, episodes like this can be registered.

In the commune of Peñalolén in these last two years, the IISS has managed to capture several similar testimonies. Also remember at this point, the deceased journalist Osvaldo Muray who leave written in his book “Beings of light” flying men who settled in the trees of the Juanita Aguirre population in the 1980s.

Of course, this could all be one big prank and it would certainly be a good one. After all, how hard would it be to string up a fishing line between trees or towers? And the creature does seem to fly in a pretty straight trajectory. Not to mention, such an animal could easily be made out paper mache among other things. However, in this business, we can never assume as such, otherwise we’d have so little content that nobody would be here reading.

To tell you the truth, I’m such a sucker for a Mothman story that I’m glad it’s in Spanish, so little can deter me from posting it. Plus, I’m making my eyes all squinty, so I can get it up before I decide it’s a hoax and scrap it altogether, LOL!

I think you will enjoy this one though. Have a great weekend GTers!

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