• The Rings Of Alcyone

    The Rings Of Alcyone3

    • August 14, 2013

    How do Pleiadians hold up their pants? With a Photon Belt. I am honestly not intentionally picking on the Pleiadians, this stuff just fell into my lap. This particular gem comes from the MUFON FaceBook Page The Photon Belt : Is a spiritual belief, largely linked to some parts of the New Age Movement. It

  • Pleiadian Alaje

    Pleiadian Alaje10

    • August 12, 2013

    I found this video on YouTube. There are lots of videos like this claiming to be messages from one alien race or another. There was something about this one, oh yeah, it was where they say: “This is not Science Fiction. If you are intelligent, you will investigate this information before you criticise it.” Well,

  • Know Your Aliens

    Know Your Aliens5

    • April 1, 2013

    Have you ever been at a party and you think you recognize someone and then there is that awkward moment in the conversation where you say something that reveals you really have no idea who they are even though they seem to know everything about you? Could you invite me? I don’t get out much.


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