Know Your Aliens

Know Your Aliens

Have you ever been at a party and you think you recognize someone and then there is that awkward moment in the conversation where you say something that reveals you really have no idea who they are even though they seem to know everything about you? Could you invite me? I don’t get out much.

But just think how much more complicated it is when you are greeted by an alien race who has been observing our planet and genetically manipulating us for millennia to be their slave species or pets or cattle for the slaughter. Despite our seeming lack of proof positive, or confirmed contact there is a surprising amount of information about the various types of aliens who have visited us over the years, so it should be every human’s duty to familiarize themselves with the sort of alien they might encounter. Today could be your lucky day!

According to this video there at least 57 varieties of aliens who visit the Earth. Many of whom are sub races of the commonly known and encountered varieties. I won’t be addressing all of these 57 here, just the most common visitors reported.

And a police artist who creates artistic interpretations of alien encounters based upon witness testimony.


The most common aliens reported are the Grays, the classic triangular faced, large glassy black eyes and short stature. Some sources report them as a worker class, like bees once kept in thrall to the Reptilians who have broken the bonds of servitude and are now seeking to dominate we humans, while others as a race of clones which are trying to revitalize their species by creating human hybrids.

A bit of history of Gray Aliens:
According to one of the most famous alien abduction reports, Betty and Barney Hill were removed from their car on a rural New Hampshire road in September of 1961 by aliens closely matching the description of what would later become known as the Gray. According to information from Betty, these aliens were from the Zeta Reticuli star system.

I have found no information on Betty’s or Barney’s reading habits, but it is important to note that H G Wells, one of the most popular writers in the world described small gray humanoids with disproportionately large heads in an article he wrote about what humanity might well evolve into titled Man of the Year Million, a description he reuses in the 1901 novel First Men In The Moon. These small grays briefly appear once more in the well known War Of The Worlds. Hard to ignore that a description by arguably one of the most famous writers in the world reappears in a popular culture phenomenon like alien sightings. As a side note, for reference of how a creation by a popular writer can captivate popular thinking, if you play any sort of role playing game online, or are old enough to remember sitting around a table with dice and reference books into the wee hours of the morning, you have H G Wells to thank for his creation “Little Wars,” a set of rules for recreating battles on table top that during the 60’s evolved to incorporate the works of J R R Tolkien and become the roots of games like Dungeons and Dragons and others which persist to this day.

Tall Whites

These entities are possibly an offshoot of the Gray race. Possibly a result of their attempts to hybridize with other species, or possibly a genetic manipulation remnant of their servitude to the Reptilians. Reptilians are said to have combined genetic material from Nordics with that of Grays to create a new breed. Tall Whites are reportedly very defensive of their children and as such generally hostile toward humans. Why then do they seem to hang around with us? Well, they are reportedly big fans of Las Vegas.

First reports of Tall Whites come from the 1960’s (can you guess where this is going?) and US Air Force weather observer Charles Hall. So, a race of angry white beings, defensive and hostile who were for a long time an enslaved race, and this report coming out of the 1960’s when the civil rights movement was at it’s height.


As mentioned in the second video “Nordics” are of human appearance, though generally considerably taller and of majestic bearing and perfect physical form. The first report worth mention that I find of an encounter with the “Nordics” comes from the rumored meeting of President Eisenhower with alien visitors in 1954.

The appearance of the Nordics coincides with two elements. Following the Kenneth Arnold sighting in 1947 and the Roswell incident, a growing number of reports that Nazis possessed or were developing UFO technology began to circulate, and movies like the 1951 The Day The Earth Stood Still began to capture our imagination that not all aliens were Wells’ malevolent invaders. So the image of the perfect Aryan flying a UFO combines with a desire to put such conflicts as WWII behind us and a growing cultural concern over the development and uses of nuclear energy and soon we begin to encounter an alien race concerned about how we humans treat our environment and each other.

Nordics are believed to come from the Pleiades.


Where to even begin with the Reptilians! How about this, according to David Icke, one of the foremost proponents of the existence of Reptilians, these beings come from Alpha Draconis, a star in the constellation Draco. Really? What are the odds that ancient humans name a basically random collection of stars after a dragon, and from a star in that constellation comes to visit a race of reptilian beings? Oh well I suppose Reptilians like others have been here on Earth long enough to have manipulated us into naming the star after them.

Despite that there are no reports of Reptilian sightings that predate the 1980’s television series “V” in which a race of reptilian aliens with a hidden agenda come to Earth and use make up to disguise themselves as humans, until it is discovered they are able to have hybrid children with humans.

Like the show there are some humans convinced that Reptilians are here to aid us with the transition to the greater society of the Galaxy, and to others they are a race in hiding with an agenda of controlling us as they have dominated and enslaved Greys. Why a race capable of interstellar travel who dominates races far more advanced that we are needs to remain in hiding and control us from behind the scenes is utterly baffling to me.


As can be seen by this image, there is a superficial resemblance between the Gray and the Insectoid which could be explained as simple differences in perception at the time of an individuals experience. However the prevalence of insectoids in pulp fiction and science fiction movies really relegates them to pure projection on the part of believers.


The concept of the Anunnaki is irretrievably tied to the believers in Ancient Aliens who have attempted to apply literal translations to the mythologies of early Mesopotamia while choosing to ignore any actual scholarly translation and understanding of these works. The Anunnaki apparently come from the planet Nibiru, whose appearance is quite overdo having been projected to pass near the Earth in 2003, that date was revised to 2012 when it utterly failed to materialize, and then again when it failed to arrive given a more relative appearance in the “early 21st century” giving it roughly twenty five more years to make its presence known and leaving the prophets of doom a few more years to peddle their warnings.


Andromeda is not a star, though it may appear so to the naked eye. It is our nearest intergalactic neighbor a mere 2.5 million light years distant. So our visitors from there are energy beings having sloughed off the need for physical form. Though that does not seem to have eliminated their need for a hidden mothership in orbit from whence they look over us and protect us from the evil influences of all the hostile and malevolent beings out there seeking to do us harm, enslave us or serve us up as canapes.


So here are a few points that throw a wrench into the whole lot of these visitors. Of the visible stars humans have had a lot of time with nothing better to do than give them names. But the stars visible to the naked eye are not even the proverbial tip of the iceberg when it comes to the number of stars in our galaxy alone. The large majority of those are designated with numbers, yet we are for some reason only visited by aliens originating from the same stars that seem popular in fiction? As our technique and technology improves we are learning more about the stars in the Galaxy and it is becoming more and more difficult to support many of these stories. Zeta Reticuli, supposedly the home of the Grays to our observation supports no planetary system, and if it did the unstable nature of the primary in this binary system would periodically fry any life from the surface. If there are planets in the Rigel system, any life would have to deal with a sun forty thousands times brighter than our own, and significantly hotter as well and that just the primary as Rigel is also either a binary or possibly trinary system where all the stars are larger brighter and hotter than our sun. The Pleiades are a star cluster, probably left behind in the dissipation of a stellar nursery. They are young, and while there is evidence of rocky planets forming around some of those stars, they are far from old enough for life to have evolved, or recently arrived life to survive. Nibiru is supported by no evidence. And Andromeda; if energy beings are visiting us from another galaxy then wither they are very selective and we are very lucky, or they are visiting every life bearing planet in their intergalactic neighborhood and even  conservative estimate of the amount of inhabitable planets in the local galactic cluster would keep them spread very thin and pretty busy. Since they still need ships to transport themselves, they must mine entire solar systems for the resources.

All told as we gain actual scientific knowledge and increase our ability to observe the galaxy around us, we push back the possibility that aliens are actually visiting our planet as the claims of the past fail to be supported by the facts.

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