• Photo Of Jersey Devil?

    Photo Of Jersey Devil?4

    • June 13, 2013

    While I’ve never been a Jersey Devil fan (of either the hockey team or the cryptid), I know there are a few of you out there who lie awake at night wondering if one of these terrible creatures will jump through your bedroom window and eat your face. To clarify again, when I say ”

  • Unknown Beast Kills Goat – Leaps Over 9 Foot Fence

    Unknown Beast Kills Goat – Leaps Over 9 Foot Fence12

    • April 24, 2013

    Angel Joel Soto got the scare of his life when he interrupted an unknown creature which had just taken down one of his goats. Surprised by Soto, the beast escaped his property by jumping a 9 foot tall fence, topped with razor wire. Strangely enough, it required no running start, as it stopped at the

  • Video: “Night Stalker” Terrorizes Family

    Video: “Night Stalker” Terrorizes Family12

    • September 26, 2012

    When I do my rounds I usually stop by Youtube and throw in some keywords to see what’s current. Today, I found a new video that seems somewhat interesting, so I thought our readers would enjoy debating about it. Recently a family in the Four Corners area of New Mexico contacted JC Johnson of Crypto

  • The Dark Walker

    The Dark Walker13

    • May 24, 2012

    This story comes to us from Lon over at Phantoms & Monsters. It is a submitted experience by “John”, one of Lon’s faithful readers. John relates a series of incidents that happened in his youth while living with his grandfather. His experience is centered around an entity that he refers to as “The Dark Walker”.

  • Dog Headed Pig Terrorizes Villagers

    Dog Headed Pig Terrorizes Villagers13

    • March 1, 2012

    Lets say you’re looking for a….oh, I don’t know, a dog headed pig for example. Where in the world would you find such a creature? Stop right there my friend! I’ve found just the place and luck has it that they claim there is such an animal roaming the area. Now, you may say: But


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