Video: “Night Stalker” Terrorizes Family

Video: “Night Stalker” Terrorizes Family

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When I do my rounds I usually stop by Youtube and throw in some keywords to see what’s current. Today, I found a new video that seems somewhat interesting, so I thought our readers would enjoy debating about it.

Recently a family in the Four Corners area of New Mexico contacted JC Johnson of Crypto Four Corners with quite a story.

Allegedly the family has been visited by some sort of large creature that torments them at night. The beast is described as resembling the Creeper from the film series Jeepers Creepers and apparently claws at the exterior walls of family home. Other activity includes damage to the family automobile and claw marks on the daughters back while she sleeps.

Here’s the video uploaded to Youtube yesterday (09/25/12) where the family describes the incidents:

It is alleged that the “Stalker” could possibly have wings as well, allowing it to fly from spot to spot and avoid detection.

As much as this story sounds a bit over the top, it pales in comparison to the back scratching of the daughter. She claims that things in her room are moved as well. So, I am to believe that this giant horror is chewing on the family car, clawing at the house (which looks paper thin by the way) and generally just wreaking havoc outside, however, it also manages to somehow appear or manifest in the daughters room. Once there it rearranges various items, listens to her I-Pod, scratches the girls back, but does no major damage? OK, I made up the part about the I-Pod, what do you expect?…I’m a loon.

I’m stumped! Either that or I just don’t want to elaborate on what I really think of all this. It matters little, as it’s not my job to examine, I’m just here to report.

Now it’s your turn, speak up!

Thanks to JC Johnson of Four Corners Crypto and Lon over at Phantoms & Monsters for the content.

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