• Ghosts Or Bad Pictures? Paranormal Photography 101

    Ghosts Or Bad Pictures? Paranormal Photography 1016

    • January 16, 2012

    Here at Ghosttheory, we do our best to see things through the eyes of logic, evidence and fact. We are not so much trying to debunk as we are attempting to bring reality to light. Over the years, we’ve seen thousands of photos out on the Interwebs and we’ve used our fair share as subjects

  • Friday Video: Unsolved Mysteries – Men In Black

    Friday Video: Unsolved Mysteries – Men In Black9

    • August 5, 2011

    Hey guys! It’s “Friday Video” time again. Just wanted to update you guys on a few things: I’ve been working on some minor upgrades to GhostTheory. A new database server will help with the slow load times, so you should start seeing improvements with GT’s response time. I’m working on a piece with Dr. Barry

  • In Hauntings, Is Race A Factor?22

    • April 30, 2011

    Growing up in Mexico you can’t help but develop a vast knowledge of paranormal related folklore. Like American kids and their indoctrination of the history of the pilgrims, Mexican kids are indoctrinated with tales of the Aztecs and their human sacrifices and tales of ghosts, gnomes and devils. Teachers would talk about the Aztecs’ role

  • Poltergeist Fires In Botswana5

    • March 20, 2011

    When I read stories about spontaneous fires plaguing a home I don’t immediately think that it’s paranormal. My first thought is that there is human intervention with these ‘phantom fires’. Not being cynical or anything, but most reports that I’ve read about these ‘phantom fires’ usually turn up to be some family member who is

  • Follow up: Does this answer the question of the ghost child?4

    • December 3, 2010

    Seems reader/commenter hucksterfoot is on the ball with this one. He turned us on to the site ‘badghosts’ and an writeup there by bobdezon. Ol’ bob has a very good theory and it’s one that I’m more than inclined to agree with. Here is and excerpt from his article. Perhaps the most striking feature of

  • Did we known all along?: The Early Years of Faking Ghostly Pics6

    • October 29, 2010

    It would seem that hucksters and hoaxers were faking ghost photos almost as long as photography has been around. Simple double exposure, something we see as amateurish today was a trick that few had even heard of in the 19th century. One of the best at doing such eerie images of ghosts and paranormal goings

  • New Zealand’s ghost images. Pareidolia and residual haunting theory4

    • May 10, 2009

    New Zealand hosted a competition in which hundreds of pictures were submitted from all over the country to a panel of judges. The point of the competition was to find out what the most convincing image of the supernatural was. The majority of entries consisted of orbs (dust, moisture in the air) and light anomalies

  • ‘black eyed kids’ paranormal phenomenon?8

    • April 14, 2009

    I’ve read of cases where people described running into odd acting children, that appear to be in a “disconnected state” and act in a very lethargic manner who have full black eyes. I don’t mean bruising around their eyes, but black eyeballs. Completely dark. From the Shadows has this interesting post from a woman who

  • Intelligent ghosts and questionable investigating9

    • March 14, 2009

    It’s seems pretty common place nowadays that every city larger than a town has a ‘paranormal investigator’ in it. These investigators by default and by the large part, are weekend ghost hunters looking to catch a phantom in the act, either visually or audibly. Again and again, many of these investigators go about their weekend hobby only to come up short with an inconclusive result. Surely, with so many paranormal events occuring one has to wonder. Are the ghosts actually outsmarting the investigators?

  • Lilliputian hallucinations: A theory on the “wee folk”11

    • March 7, 2009

    Shu Rhys, a 19th-century Welsh woman, reputedly went away with fairies and never returned. If you’ve read some of my previous articles, you would know that I am Kinemortophobic. That is, I have a fear of zombies. yea I know, placed in a situation where zombies were around, everyone would fear them as well. My

  • L.A. Marathon: The forgotten runners.9

    • February 22, 2009

    6th Street Bridge, Los Angeles. Some of you may know this, most probably don’t know. Or even care to know. I’m a runner. I’ve been running now for almost a year and love every agonizing footfall of it. I’m not a hardcore athlete I just run for fun. I started off doing good and ended

  • Drink enough coffee and you’ll see ghosts3

    • January 14, 2009

    Any ghosts with your coffee today?I’m not sure I know anyone in my life that drinks up to 7 cups of coffee a day, but I do know people that drink RedBull like it’s water. If I had an¬†automatic espresso machine at home, maybe I would get closer to that 7 cup mark but for