flying humanoids of Mexico



Flying humanoids from Mexico, the so-called mysterious entities that have been recorded throughout Mexico.

reports come from multiple states, from multiple people. The reports are the same; some humanoid looking entity that hovers high above the towns or cities and stays in view for minutes at times. What are they? no one seems to have a reasonable explanation for them. The most common explanations of it being an:

A. Kite

B. Balloons

C. Computer generated hoax

Do not seem to explain the entity’s subtle movements or shape. Those explanations do not resolve the hundreds of eyewitness of the entities hovering about the skies.  Also, in at least one case, there are testimonies from two Police officers that were “Attacked” by one of the supposed creatures. Dubbed “Witches” by some of the less-educated, these entities have been reported to walk among the town streets of Santa Catarina, Monterrey.

Although at first glance these come off as being party balloons bunched together, and can easily discredit this as “Mass hysteria” one cannot help but feel the terror when looking in the eyes of the Police men that were interviewed.

Without a clear, detailed video or picture of these “entities”, we can only wait and hope for someone to come forward with their homemade “witch” shaped kite.