John Matkowsky – “Polaroids of the dead” interview


Well, not a full length interview like I wanted, but a brief conversation with John Matkowsky over the infamous polaroid/writing case.

I met John Matkowsky during his exhibit of his personal collection of the spirit writing polaroids. The exhibit was done at his (I believe it was his studio) art gallery on Halloween of 2007. I ran into a friend of John Matkowsky there (I forgot his name, sorry!) and he asked me how I heard about the event and if I knew anything about it.
I told him that I saw the original Sightings episode in the early 90s and have followed the case since. He then asked me if I would like to meet John.
Now, I was not prepared for this so this was just me asking brief questions and running out of time. The meeting went something like this:

Me: Hey, Nicely put gallery.
John: Thank you, and thanks for coming. How did you hear about us?
Me: Through a website, I believe it was
John: ah…
John’s friend: (to John) So he saw the original sightings episode back in the early 90s..
John: Oh yea? do you recognize me?
Me: No, sorry…can’t say that I did ….hehehe…(nervous laughter)
Me: So tell me, is the “activity” still happening to this day?
John: Well, against all rumors, Yes. It’s still happening. In fact it’s now showing up on digital cameras.
Me: Wow!
John: Yea, and since we’ve been doing some remodeling in the house, the “activity” has actually increased.
Me: I remember reading that “Wright” had said that he was a murder victim. Do you think the body is buried somewhere around or underneath your house?
John: Well, we’ve thought about looking but that would mean that we’d have to tear up our floor and really do some damage. So we’ll probably never know.
Me: yea, makes sense.
Me: So how was the whole experience with the Sightings team and Peter James?
John: It was just as I had feared. They came in promising to help us understand and to get some scientific evaluation on this whole matter. They (Sightings) just took advantage of the situation. They came in, filmed the phenomenon and left. After airing the show and getting their ratings, they never returned our calls or followed up with us or the case. The only good thing that came out of it was Peter James. Him and I were good friends until he passed away. He always called and visited us. This is why I was so reluctant to show all these polaroids to the public. These are just some of the hundreds that I have. The rest are more personal to me…So I don’t show them.
Me: well, I appreciate you sharing this with us.
Jonh: Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it.
Me: Have you thought about having public admission to your house?
John: We have thought about that, but this is a very personal thing to me. So I only let those who are close to me share this with me.
Me: Makes sense.
Me: Listen John, it’s been a pleasure. If this is real, you are one of the luckiest men I’ve ever met.
John: (Laughter)…Thanks. Take care.

Halloween 2007.

It was a brief but good meeting. To this day I still hold a fascination with this case. of course, with some reservations.
I’ve read some skeptics say that this is all a hoax. That John and his friends are all in it. John does own a photo lab / studio and has since the beginning of this case.

All I can say is that on that Halloween night; I walked away a different person. I felt a great sense of enlightenment and calmness. Somehow, by reading some of Wright’s answers to life’s greatest questions I experienced a sublime state of mind. I felt assured in my personal belief in Karma. Despite the evils that mankind is capable of, somewhere someone is taking notes.

Question: What do you think of people who hate?
Wright’s answer: (in latin) Farewell forever.

If this is some form of social experiment done by artists to somewhat see and study reactions of the masses, then well done. If this is legit…then congratulations.