Georgia Bigfoot conference results: Updating live!

Here is the latest:

What a mess!

Tom Biscardi made some outrageous claims throughout the press conference.

Biscardi: “3,500 to 7,000 of these creatures across America”
Biscardi: “Jeff Meldrum: Not a man that can do what we need done…”

Biscardi: “3 DNA tests were done.”

TEST results:
First test: Inconclusive
Second test: Human DNA
Third test (taken from the creature’s intestines): Possum DNA
Body will be studied by Russian scientists that work with Biscardi

Tom Biscardi refuses to bring out a corpse in front of the media, but is willing to share the DNA tests. Although very inconclusive and what the rest of the world expected.
Tom Biscardi keeps referring to the the find as “a body” but does not make specific claims like “Sasquatch body” or “Bigfoot body”


Photo that Biscardi released to the press. BLOBSQUATCH!!!

There you have it folks. A typical Biscardi move! He did not show conclusive evidence of the creature. His DNA test are useless, there is nothing in them that proves that they actually have a Bigfoot. His photos that he released to the media are a joke! For Biscardi to claim that he has the “real deal” and photos that are not of a blurry creature or “blobsquatch” he did show the most disappointing evidence. A picture of BLOBSQUATCH!

UPDATE: youtube of the conference

Part 2:

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