The Media and the Paranormal

“Chupacabra DNA” revealed!

Most Haunted Live! show

“Security camera ghosts”, “Gym ghost video”, “Cellphone Ghost” and “Chupacabra found”….
These are the top search phrases that lead people to according to my Google Analytics.

There has been a spike in traffic that I’ve noticed since the beginning of last year. You can’t just dismiss this traffic spike as it being a byproduct of the Halloween season fast approaching. I’ve been seeing a trend for quite some time now. If you notice, more and more media outlets are reporting paranormal news no matter how absurd or inconclusive they are, they still get front page posts in most cases. Why? simple, shows like “Ghost Hunters”, “Paranormal State” and “Most Haunted” have started a new reality TV craze. Reality paranormal TV. As you can guess, this is bad news for most of the paranormal investigators.

Not to mention the evening news. They will usually report the most absurd videos of supposed “ghosts” captured on film. These reports are more frequent than I thought. Just this week, had in it’s front page a video titled: “Ghostly image caught at gym”. If you look at the video (posted below) you can see that it’s the most ridiculous “evidence” ever.

The way Reality TV cheapened television, these shows are cheapening paranormal studies. First, most of the stuff they show on TV is trash. I can safely attest that more than 90% of these shows are worthless and are put together hastily and for entertainment purposes only. There have been countless people I’ve talked to about these shows. The feeling is generally the same. “Ghosts and hauntings are bullshit” or “how can you believe in that? It doesn’t exist!”. Well, most of these people don’t really want to hear an explanation. When someone makes statements like those, most likely they are deeply rooted in Catholicism/Christianity or are Atheist.

The problem with this point of view is that they dismiss paranormal/parapsychology as a joke because of their unwillingness to be open to different points of view. Fair enough…everyone is entitled to their opinion.

I approach the paranormal in the most logical and skeptical point of view that I can. I believe that most of the events that are reported can be explained away as overactive imagination. But there are those cases that have been studied by accredited scientists, doctors, physicists and others that cannot be explained. These are the true cases that intrigue me.

So with this…I present to you the latest in reality paranormal tv:

Video: Arizona man tapes the Chupacabra on his cellphone

Source ABC 15:

An Arizona man claims he has video proof of the legendary chupacabra.

Michael Ashe captured the creature on his cell phone.

Ashe was traveling on a back road from Maricopa to Stanfield when he came across this animal.

He says he has dogs and knows what a dog looks like, but claims, “this is no dog.”

A chupacabra is a legendary animal that people in Mexico have claimed to see. It hops like a kangaroo, has spines like a porcupine, and fangs like a vampire bat.

The story began in Puerto Rico when dead goats were discovered with fang marks on their necks.

Legend says the animal also stalks chickens and some believe it even attacks people.

Ghost in gym video

ghost image caught at gym security camera CNN news

Source Kare11

Security cameras at a Kansas gym have caught what some believe is a ghost wandering around the room after midnight.

And not just once.

The motion detectors went off nine times between 2:00 a.m. and 4:30 a.m.

The incident happened a couple of weeks ago in Overland Park.

Owner Kim Peterson said, “I called my security people and said ‘What is this, do I need to change a light bulb?’ Do I need to get up and clean the lens?’ And they reviewed it and said ‘I have no idea what that is.'”

The cameras caught what appears to be an orb, hovering near the dumbbells.

The security company which operates the intruder system says the sensors are triggered by motion, but flying insects or headlights shining from outside shouldn’t do that.

Several other businesses own the same security system and report no problems.

Paranormal Activity Noted At Clinton, North Carolina Landmark

A team of ghost-busters is investigating whether a historic house in downtown Clinton is haunted.

Visitors have become convinced that the Small House, home to the Sampson County Arts Council, is haunted. The house was built around 1870 by Dr. Victor Small, and his boots are among the artifacts still on display inside.

“Actually, one day we came in, and one (boot) was turned backward, and no one knows why,” said Helen Kearns, marketing chairwoman for the arts council.

Triangle Paranormal Investigations, founded by former Garner police officer Curt House, recently had an 11-person team spend a night inside the house to check out any ghostly activity.

“While we were up there, it was dark – lights out. We were attempting to make contact with whoever was there when we heard what sounded like an audible sigh,” House said. “I believe they have a lot of paranormal activity.”

The team spent five hours in the Small House with a electromagnetic-field detectors, motion sensors and infrared video cameras.

House said he aimed a camera down the back steps and saw something unusual.

“I noticed that one of the doors we had shut just minutes before was open about a foot-and-a-half,” he said. “Nobody had been in that area at all.”

Arts council officials don’t want the ghost stories to scare people away from the building, Kearns said. House said the haunting could be more of a selling point during the Halloween season.

“I think, if anything, (people will) be more intrigued by it,” he said.

“It’s one more story to go with the house. It won’t hurt us, you know. If we have spirits, we definitely feel they’re good spirits,” Kearns said