Mysterious creature’s carcass found on Chilean shore.

A mysterious carcass has washed up on the shores of Chile. Found by tourists on a hiking trip, the body is described as being bipedal in appearance and having fins. I’ll translate the gist of what is being said on the video.

Translation mine:

Husband being interviewed: We were hiking for the day with our kids.
Wife: It has hair, wool, hoofs like a goat and fins.
Husband: We fount it, and honestly do not know what it is.
Wife: It has hide like a baboon, wool…

Reporter: A better way of describing the strangeness of this creature does not exist. It has hooves like a goat and arms that arm as long as it’s entire body. At the end of the arms it has a type of fin, that resembles that of a duck’s membrane on it’s feet. It has wool, but also has hair. A jaw that would make you cringe. The find was done by tourists form Iquique Chile that were on a camping trip.

Husband: It’s hind legs are like hooves, while it’s front legs are some type of fin like hands at the end.
Wife: It has a long base on the jaw, with a pronounced row of bottom teeth…it’s like a mixture of different animals in one. It has a lot of different and unusual parts, from the top to the bottom.

Reporter: Upon our reporting, members of the National Agriculture service came to our station to try and figure out exactly what we are looking at.

Marcelo Cortes (Agriculture service director): What we need to do before declaring what the creature is, is to go to where the body was found to get better information. We will have to travel to the location to study it and see if what we are dealing with is a carcass of a local animal or that of some type of extinct creature.

Reporter: The apocalyptic look of this creature was not enough for the members of the National Agriculture service to determine exactly what it is, so they will travel to the location to figure it out with certainty the origin of this strange creature.

So this is what we know based on the description from the locals and the reporter:

1. Creature has a mixture of wool and hair.
2. It has hind legs with hooves and front legs that are as long as it’s body with ‘fin like hands’.
3. Protruding bottom jaw.

criaturaCreature that was found that has unique characteristics like hooves and fins. Click for bigger image

So any biologists or veterinarians out there that might have a better explanation of what it is that was found in Chile?
My Zoology knowledge extends to that of my dog and maybe turtles 🙂