Upcoming Ghost Polaroids interview: You ask the questions

I’m going to try and do something new here. By now, you guys are pretty familiar with our interview format. It’s a basic Q&A session in which we talk to the interviewee to get their side of the story and then  present the evidence to you guys so that the decision on the case/evidence is done by you, the readers. Well let’s try something new this time…

For years, the story of “Wright” the ghost polaroid case has fascinated thousands of people. Myself being one of them. If you are not familiar with the case at all, let me refresh your memory….well just read it here. It’s a good one!

gh5I’ve always wanted to do an official interview with John Matkowsky about his resident ghost.  I was able to ask a few questions about two years ago when I met him during an exhibit for his gallery. Now, I’ve been in constant contact with him and have planned to go out and have a nice talk about this whole case.  I really am on the fence with this story. I’ve seen the actual photographs up close and they look very authentic (Authentic in a sense that the actual polaroid was not physically manipulated).  Some of the answers that the ghost that goes by “Wright”, has given are astoundingly chilling, yet poetic at times.

So given that I will be scheduling an interview with John in the upcoming week or so,  I want to approach this interview a little different. I’m giving you guys the opportunity to ask your questions to John Matkowsky about this whole case. Whatever questions, comments, rants or concerns that may have popped up while you read about this case, or when you watched the “Sightings” episode when it first aired in the early 90s.

So go ahead, post your questions in the comment section or email them to me. I will compile the list and have John answer them for you!