EERIE Radio wants your questions for Chip

Chip Coffey

Chip Coffey

I received an email from Chris Scales over at EERIE Radio earlier this week in regards to their upcoming show with Chip Coffey.
Since GhostTheory has been a in the middle between the PRS/Chip and their accusers, it would be a good idea for our readers to ask Chip some of the questions that have been thrown out there in the discussions.

I have my own personal questions.
For instance, What proof can Chip Coffey give to us about his high ratio of successful readings he does when walking into a client’s home? In other words, is he willing to take the James Randi Challenge for a cool $1 million?

Another question would be about the PRS and their Demon related cases. It seems that they research a lot of “demon cases” and come to the conclusion that demons are the root cause of a lot of the hauntings. It seems like the PRS team uses demonic possession quite freely. My question is, Can he explain these high number of demonic infestations or possessions, when the Catholic Church has actually deemed a small handful of these types of cases unexplainable in its entire history?

Can’t wait for the show. Make sure you ask your questions through their fourms.

We plan to ask Chip (and he knows this) about some of the allegations related to the info he does or does not receive from the producers of Paranormal State when he appears on the show. We’ve started a thread on our website forum (available at to solicit questions from our audience. If you have any questions you feel we should ask, please chime in.

I hope you catch the show!!


Chris ‘urkotic’ Scales