Peter Aykroyd To Donate Grandfather’s Journals To University of Manitoba

Peter and Dan AyKroyd

Peter and Dan AyKroyd

Dan Aykroyd’s fater, Peter Aykroyd whose book “History of Ghosts: The true story of seances, mediums, ghosts and ghostbusters” hit the major bookstores this month, is donating his grandfather’s notes & journals on his paranormal research to the University of Manitoba.

This is a very noble and progressive thing someone can do to help advance the studies of the paranormal. Peter Aykroyd’s book mainly deals with the Spiritualism movement during the victorian era. Focusing on frauds and their effect in the paranormal studies.

If you missed my book review on Peter Aykroyd’s book you can read it here.

Full source: Vancouver Sun

WINNIPEG — The father of actor Dan Aykroyd announced Thursday he will donate his research notes and his grandfather’s journals on paranormal activity to the University of Manitoba.

The actor has said his inspiration for the blockbuster film Ghostbusters came from his family. His father, Peter, made the announcement in Toronto at the launch of his book A History of Ghosts.

The university was not told of Peter’s decision before the book launch and has not yet heard directly from the family or received any of the material. However, Brian Humber, archivist at the Archives and Special Collections department of the university, said it’s logical Aykroyd would think to make the donation to the university.

The collection is the largest of its kind in Canada and features materials from well-known historic figures, including Manitoba MLA Thomas Glendenning Hamilton, best known for holding seances in his Winnipeg home in the early 1900s.