Interview With Todd Standing: Slyvanic Bigfoot

Interview With Todd Standing: Slyvanic Bigfoot

Due to the controversies that surround the “Sylvanic Bigfoot” project, we decided to do a quick Q&A style interview with Todd Standing.

If you are not familiar with the “Sylvanic Bigfoot” case, I suggest you check out this link to get yourself familiar with what GhostTheory and a reader who goes by “ME” have uncovered in the quest to find the truth about the Sylvanic project.

The interview questions were asked a week prior to our knowing of ME’s investigation and what he had uncovered. What follows are questions from the editors at GhostTheory.

One of our readers (Henry), made this comment:
Then feel free to read on where he contradicts himself describing first: Sylvanic… is the name of the canyon pass that leads to an enormous valley…” then in a later blog posting tells us that the valley is accessible only by a tunnel through the mountains, or by belaying down a mountain. So how did the bison get in there?

GT: Can you explain these discrepancies in your story?

The easiest way I knew of to get into the Sylvanic area was through a small tunnel that went under a mountain. There is a shot of this short tunnel in the mini documentary. The tunnel comes out in the canyon pass that leads to the valley. The alleged bison picture and accounting of bison in the Sylvanic area was a letter from someone else. I have never seen bison in that area.

GT: Surely you must be aware of the ‘Georgia Bigfoot hoax’ or the and how that played out for Tom Biscardi, or the ‘Johor Hominid hoax’ and how it crushed Vincent Chow’s reputation. Why do you think that withholding evidence or key information would be beneficial for yourself and these creatures? Surely no one in their right mind would go out and hunt them.

I absolutely know people do hunt and attempt to kill these animals. Dr. Grover Krantz openly advised people to kill one for the sake of proving its existence. I have personally been met by dozens of men whom have offered to pay me a significant amount of money to help them track and kill one of these animals. That would be disastrous. These animals live in groups and are devoted to one another, similar to their closest living primate relatives like chimps, gorillas, and humans. To kill one you would be risking your life unnecessarily and you would likely have to kill multiple members of the group as they would come back to defend their fallen family member. If you’re going to take on a group of primates that are over 7 feet tall weight in excess of 400lbs, that the first nations people refer to as the “Boss” or “Master of the Wilderness”, you are a fool as well as a blood thirsty killer. Especially since they are a peaceful, harmonious species that has caused you no harm.
It is imperative that my new research site remains confidential entirely for the sake of these animals. This species obviously has every desire to keep away from humans. Any sustained human presence to a Bigfoot habitat will result in these animals losing their home, whether you are hunting to kill them or just peacefully trying to get a picture. Loss of habitat equals loss of life.
If you really want to start studying this species find your own research site. If you don’t know how, we would be happy to teach you.

GT: If you search around the web for any information about the “Sylvanic Bigfoot”, most reputable researchers and Cryptozoologists seem to label your project as an obvious hoax that is marketed to selling a book or DVD documentary. With all this bad press, why don’t you approach the situation from a different perspective? It’s safe to say that the “Sylvanic project” has been active for a few years now and has not made any progress. In fact it seems to be treading backwards.

The initial media that I did was an enormous success. From the Canadian petition for species protection to the amazing men and women from around the world we now collaborate with. I have done no press or interviews for over 2 years and in that time rumours of all kinds have spread. People whom know this species to be a reality are fed up with all the hoaxes and B.S. I don’t blame them. Most of what we do is radically different from other researchers out there; our approach is very open minded and cooperative. Einstein said “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds”.
People will believe when we have found a body that has expired due to natural causes.

GT: When you do go out to the wilderness to capture evidence of these creatures, why only bring a video camera of poor quality? In other words, why isn’t there any film of these creatures filmed in zoom and HD quality? It seems that going through all the trouble of hiking out there, you would at least rent good digital cameras to get clear evidence.

I think our video evidence is very good quality. Both videos where shot from less than 40 yards away. There is very little shake in the camera. And when you have no idea what direction the animal will be moving, you do not zoom in. Remember the animal you see in video 3 is moving faster then the fastest man on the planet could run, twisting and turning though dense foliage.
What most people don’t know is these videos were made to convince forestry officers to come with us. Our goal was to prove to forestry officers that we could get within 50 yards of these animals. The next step was to get them to come out and witness this species for themselves. Officially no branch of forestry or wildlife enforcement agency would come with us. Even now, for the last 2 months I have sent emails, letters, and made hundreds of phone calls to Primatetologist, Anthropologists, CNN, BBC, you name it, looking to take some one out on a series of expeditions to show them this species up close and personal. Let them make a video or take pictures. But no one steps up to the challenge when they understand the dangers of expeditions.

GT: Do you think you will find a Bigfoot corpse? I would think these creatures are organized enough to bury their dead (or at least entomb them). If this is the case, how will you attempt to proceed with proving their existence?

I know we can find a body that has expired due to natural causes. All it will take is time, patience and perseverance. Or perhaps someone else will. That’s why now, more than ever, our work is focused on cooperation.

GT: Why has the scientific community disbelieved you? How much quality evidence have you presented them?

The Scientific community is very conservative for the most part. The only evidence that will make them believe is an intact body. And rightly so. The fact that the most man like primate on the earth exists and no human can produce a body is to me nothing short of a miracle. These animals have evaded modern science to date. The reality of these animals will shake the pillars of the scientific community to its core. But before such a shock to the system can transpire, absolute proof must be presented.

GT: Do you plan on releasing more evidence in the near future?

I do hope to continue to release new evidence. Even today anyone that helps us with our work by gathering signatures for species protection or continually works towards the betterment of these animals is sent privileged information. Specifically, non-publicized chronicles of new experiences we have had with these animals in the past 2 years. Evidence we have observed first hand that at the very least will help people understand how amazing these animals are at evading humans.

GT: Why do you feel talking to the press is the best way to release information? Surely there has to be someone of a neutral nature who would be happy to be your advocate on this issue.

Talking to the press has worked very well for us in the past. Because of the fantastic support I received through the media 3 years ago, thousands of people showed up for the showings of our mini documentary that allowed us to gather thousands of signatures we had certified in our petition. The Sylvanic cooperation expanded exponentially thanks entirely to the media. I believe the messages we have to send out to people are important ones. I know when definitive proof is found people do care enough to ensure the survival of these animals.

But make no mistake about it, when we do find a body the media will be the last
to know. The body will be presented to the appropriate government agency
whom will then publically make “Bigfoot a protected species” throughout North
America. Through a cooperation between wildlife enforcement agencies and the
scientific community, Bigfoot habitats will be identify and protected. The ethical
study of these animals will be unlike anything the world has ever seen.

GT: Even with a find like this, you cannot find anyone scientifically qualified who would hike into their domain?

There are several scientists we cooperate with, and Michael, whom is the backbone the Sylvanic team, is a biologist from Great Falls, Montana. It was his strategies that made video 2 and 3 possible. He was present during the filming of video 2 and 3. There are currently 6 wildlife and forestry officers that are a part of the Sylvanic team—off duty of course, and not on any official capacity. Unfortunately, we have no one with hands on experience working with great apes, wild or captive. A scientist with practical great ape behavioural knowledge would be an enormous asset to our team at this point. Belief in Bigfoot in not a prerequisite. In fact, a firm non believer would be far more beneficial.

GT: Will you take the GhostTheory team along? we’re fit, tough and don’t talk much.

To scientists or media that are interested in coming out with me, there are a few things you need to be made aware of. There can be no more than the two of us. No teams, crews, sound guys or camera men. An expedition with me will take at least 6 days. After the first day you are in grizzly, black bear and mountain lion country. You are carrying food that attracts them, besides being food yourself. If you make one of a hundred minor mistakes like coming across a fresh kill or not recognizing predatory behaviour you will die. Often it is very difficult to sleep at night with all the potential predators lurking in the dark, so during the day when you are abnormally tired you’re more likely make a mistake that will cause you injury. Injuries can easily become life threatening when you are so far from medical attention. Avalanches, wolverines, landslides, badgers, rattlers… are all realities you will deal with on a daily basis.
You have to be in great physical shape. Daily treks are the equivalent of running a 30km marathon. From rock climbing over 1000 feet up, to crawling on your hands and knees silently for hours on end. And it may take a dozen of these expeditions before we are a success.
Most want me to guarantee their safety. The exact opposite is what I guarantee. I guarantee every time you trek out into this wilderness you are absolutely risking you life from one moment to the next.

Any seriously interested applicants can contact me through the website.

GT: That was a joke Todd….

We wish to thank Mr. Standing for taking the time to answer our questions.

What ever the truth may be about the Sylvanic Bigfoot, the truth will soon come out as more and more investigative work is being done from both sides of this argument about the existence of the place called Sylvanic by Mr. Standing, the evidence presented and the questionable actions that have been made.