Hotel Chequamegon Haunted?


Staff at the Hotel Chequamegon in Wisconsin are convinced that something odd is lurking around in the hotel. Reports of breaking bottles and moving furniture are common.

When Fox news went onsite with local paranormal investigators, they claimed to have witness some paranormal phenomena. Click HERE to see the video of what was captured on tape and to listen to the EVPs.

Judging by what I saw on the video, I would have to say that  none of that was paranormal. Not even the “creepy” EVPs. And since when do ghosts whisper into microphones?

Full source: Fox21 online

By Beth Jett and photojournalist Adam Jagunich, Fox 21 News
ASHLAND – There’s a Northland hotel where the staff suspects there are guests who’ve never checked in and never check out. Recently, FOX 21 spent the night at the Hotel Chequameon with a ghost–hunting team and caught some strange things on camera during a hotel haunt.
In a dimly lit hotel room, Michelle Kotasek calls out, “EVP session. It’s 9:16 p.m. We are in room 312.” It’s the beginning of an Electronic Voice Phenomenon session, during which a team of investigators tries to communicate with what they call an entity. “We’ve come to try to communicate with you,” said Kotasek.
She is part of a ghost-hunting team called Minnesota P.R.O.P.H.E.T.
“Paranormal researchers of poltergeists, hauntings, entities, and tragedies,” said Brian DeLong, the team leader, explaining what each letter stands for. The team set up their equipment in rooms 312 and 314, where the hotel staff says most of the unexplained activity occurs.
Within an hour, something triggers their equipment. “There we go,” said Delong. “Hello.” “Thank you for communicating,” said Kotasek.
“We’re not saying whether or not you have a ghost, but we investigate the events,” said DeLong. He and his colleagues came at the request of hotel staff–members who’ve heard many stories from guests.
DeLong looks at the ceiling after hearing something. “Investigator note,” he says. ” There’s some creaking on the ceiling.”
Carrie Suminski is the assistant general manager at the hotel and said the reports from guests are frequent. “People who’ve heard footsteps, doors closing, people talking, things moving.” She added, during the 20 years she’s worked there, she’s witnessed several unexplained events herself. “I was up on the third floor, people walking overhead, which it’s just the attic, no one can be up there.”
Back in the connecting rooms, “The KU meter is going off,” called out one investigator. Hotel staff members say more things have been happening since the hotel’s spring remodeling began.
“I know it’s haunted and I’ve seen stuff,” said Nikki Melland who works at Molly Cooper’s, the bar downstairs. That’s where a liquor bottle suddenly cracked.
“It was loud,” Melland recalled. “It sounded like a gun going off.” She said she found no difference in temperature where the bottle was sitting, no explanation for why it cracked. Some believe the presence there is that of Molly Cooper, Ashland’s first suspected madame.
“If you could give us a sign of your presence, that would be great,” said DeLong to try to urge the entity to communicate. Then, Fox 21 asked, “Do you want us to go away?” A second later, the light on the recorder on the bed went out.
“I make that out to be a paranormal response,” said DeLong. “It was trying to pack us up and help us move out.”
Kotasek checked the recorder to make sure it was working properly. “We got lots of battery,” she said. “Why did it shut off?” asked DeLong. “I don’t know, it just turned off,” Kotasek answered.
This structure of the Hotel Chequamegon was built in 1986, making it about 24 years old. The team believes it’s not so much the structure is haunted, as it is the ground on which it was built.
“This area is full of history. It was a tough area to live in,” said DeLong. “There could be a lot of tragedies here.” Throughout the night, the team’s devices reacted.
Their flashlight turned on, then off. “That was really significant,” said DeLong.
In the morning, their recordings revealed voices that said “We are here.” And later, a soft voice asked “Reporters, where are you in investigating?”
“I believe there is a couple different entities within this direct proximity,” said DeLong, sitting inside room 312 of the hotel.
Delong emphasizes.. You have to have a belief system to understand the paranormal.
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