Bigfoot Found In North America? Not So Fast

Patterson/Gimlin Bigfoot

Patterson/Gimlin Bigfoot

Craig Woolheater from Cryptomundo reported that ‘Overnight AM‘ producers were in contact with a 70 year old man who claims that a family of Bigfoot were bedding down nightly in his backyard.

From OverNight AM:

LISTEN ON DEMAND – Overnight AM producers have been contacted by a man claiming to have found Bigfoot living in his backyard somewhere in North America ( Location: Confidential ). The evidence is substantial based on eyewitness testimony of a man whose life has been turned upside down by the creatures, a family of four; two adults and two infants, who bed down in his backyard every evening. UFO Magazine & Clearly Skewed Entertainment has dispatched a film crew to the area to document the events as they unfold on camera.

Tonight, Mike ( last name withheld ), a 70 year old veteran with no interest in the field of Bigfoot research, will join Lan Lamphere and the Overnight AM radio show audience to describe the events of the past few weeks and his encounters with this family of Bigfoot who have taken to living in the forest behind his home appearing every night to bed down in his backyard to escape biting mosquitos.

Loren Coleman, also from Cryptomundo, posted that Lesley from Debris Field had contacted Nancy Birnes, UFO Magazine editor, who denied having sent any production crew members out to investigate:

“I don’t know who wrote that at the Overnight AM site, but no film crew has been dispatched. Possibly someone will go there and check it out, but at this point nobody has.” – Cryptomundo

Many other blogs are posting the erroneous headline: “Breaking News: Bigfoot Found” so the word is spreading like an online wildfire.

I think Lesley’s information is a good foresight as to were this news report is heading.

False alarm people! Back to work!……