Friday Video: Enfield Poltergeist (Latest Documentary)


I’ve been covering the Enfield Poltergeist case on GT for quite some time now. I think that I might have done a ‘Friday Video’ on it before.

This last few days, I’ve come down with a really bad cold. In fact, so bad that I had to miss work two days in a row. Yea…poor me. So much for the ‘runners never get sick’ saying.

Anyways, one day I woke up feeling a bit woozy -it must have been like 3 in the morning- and I decided to look up the latest on the Enfield Poltergeist case. My search ended up in YouTube with this new (or not so new) documentary about the Enfield case that I’ve never seen before. This interview took place long after Maurice Grosse had passed. You know, the main investigator on the case. The documentary focuses on key witnesses like the photographer and journalists present, as well as introducing new investigators of the case. Also, some audio that I’ve never heard is also in this documentary.

So there I was…laying in bed at my place. Dark and cold; the city lights were shining through the large windows across my loft and reflecting off the polished cement floor. It was quite spooky. You see, shadows have a way of messing with your head. Especially when you’re sick. I had played about 3/4 of the documentary and had to stop it. As rational of a human being that I am…this scared the Hell out of me. Needless to say, I continued the rest hours later. With sunlight flooding my place.

I hope you enjoy it.