Edwin Fuhr UFO Experience

In 1974, Canadian farmer Edwin Fuhr was tending to his crops on a clear September afternoon. At around 11:00 AM as he was inspecting his fields he noticed a bright metallic object a few feet away. What he perceived at first to be some practical joke that someone might be pulling on him, quickly developed into fear as he noticed that the object was hovering a few feet off the ground and spinning at tremendous speeds.

Mr. Fuhr, just 36 years of age, had never seen anything like it. He described the object as a worn out metallic looking bell. It had been hovering above some grass and seemed to have deep grooves carved on its side. Below is the sketch Mr. Fuhr provided for the investigators after they arrived at the scene to investigate the aftermath.

This object was not alone. In utter amazement, he then realized that there were at least 4 more of these objects. Hovering and spinning, these objects started to gain elevation before zipping off into the sky.

Terrified, Fuhr’s reaction was to immediately inform the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. When the RCMP arrived, they instantly noticed some weird patterns pressed onto the grass. The patterns, resembling miniature crop circles, were measured and photographed. The RMCP determined that there were no tracks of anyone wheeling in any equipment that could be responsible to producing these. Within days, as newspapers picked up the story, the Center for UFO Studies in Illinois sent a representative in order to investigate.

Not finding any signs of a hoax, both the RCMP and the Center for UFO Studies released a statement saying that they believed that whatever Mr. Fuhr encountered that day was something real.