Shape Shifting UFO Filmed Over California

A shape-shifting UFO was supposedly filmed above California, the video is clear and shows the object “morphing” and twisting about in the sky.

The claims of “morphing UFOs” are nothing new. Throughout the years, several videos have been filmed of these shape-shifters. Usually they are filmed above metropolitan cities. One of the reasons this is, I believe, is because what most of these videos are showing are not UFOs, but metallic balloons.

The video below seems to be of a star shaped metallic balloon. As it twists and turns in the air, it gives the impression of it morphing. This is what I believe was captured on tape by a California resident.

Here is a YouTube video that shows what happens when a couple of metallic balloons are released. After a few minutes and several hundred of feet climbed, the balloons start to resemble those “shape shifting UFOs” everyone claims to see above the cities.

What are your opinions on this video?

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Shape shifting UFO – California