Object Above Fukushima Nuclear Plant: UFO or Train?

There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding the news report that supposedly shows what many consider a UFO craft hovering above the Fukushima power plant in Japan. The clip was aired during a news coverage recently. The video was shot from a helicopter flying close to the power plant and recording footage. In the background, we see a light colored object, which appears to be cigar-shaped. This is what many have concluded to be an alien craft.

The theories are vast. Many believe that aliens seem to visit natural or man-made disasters in efforts to keep an eye on humanity. Possibly to intervene in our doings in case we accidentally blow ourselves up. Sometimes during natural disasters like we’ve read about during Japan’s earthquake or the devastating Indonesian tsunami a few years back.

This time around, the claims of the UFO came by accident, as a news crew recorded what appears to be an anomaly, floating about the nuclear plant. You can see the image above, where a white object appears to be floating above the towers.

If you watch the news clip in where the supposed UFO makes an appearance, you will not that it does in fact appear to be floating above the plant, as if observing the damage. Check out the video below. (fast forward to the :55 second mark)

Now, at first guess, I thought that it could be some form of radiation measuring blimp. Some unnamed craft sent to collect radiation levels near the plant. But upon examining the video, I can see that the object appears to be traveling on a strait path, as if traveling on a road. It’s clearly not a diesel truck or any form of commercial vehicle, as it seems to big and too uniform for that. So what could it be?

I started to look around the are using Google Maps to see what the closest road was and stumbled onto something that could be of interest in explaining the mysterious image. Running near the Fukushima plant are highways and train tracks that many people use in a daily commute. The tracks are what interests me.

The tracks are shown on Google Maps as black and white lines that run near the highway, just across from the Fukushima power plant. Drag the map below and you will see that on the top left side, the tracks are clearly visible:

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Of course the whole area around the power plant is considered a “no go zone”, and has been for weeks. So you might think that trains are non-operational at this point. True, that is a good point. But it does not mean that tests can’t be conducted and trains can’t be automatically moved around. Maybe the trains are being used by the army and government to facilitate the transfer of goods and personnel to and from the nearest town and the power plant.

The point is, that if you look closely at the news footage, it seems like it was shot at the right angle, to capture the train in the background, as it makes its way down the tracks, near the plant.

Here is an example of the types of trains that run through these tracks near Fukushima:

So my question to you is this: Do you think that what the news crew captured was just a train running near the Fukushima power plant? Or do you think this explanation is bunk, and I’m just another “crazy skeptic” shouting “Hoax! Hoax!” ?