Assange: US Intelligence Uses Facebook, Google, Yahoo To Spy On Us.

Cracking open the conspiracy files this morning, I present to you the latest interview with Wikileaks’ Julian Assange in which he states that the US Intelligence agency has a custom built interface that they use to spy on people.

Facebook being the perfect tool for the feds. Many people, unbeknownst to them, have probably had their emails and private messages read, their friends and family members investigated and their frequent hang out spots cataloged and it’s all archived in a big black file cabinet. Probably sitting in some sterile state-of-the-art room in some underground bunker….next to the Roswell UFO scrap metal and the remains of Hoffa.

I’ve always believed that social networking sites have some portal for US government agencies to run queries against. Not just for Americans, but since Facebook is used worldwide, then all those millions of people posting their true feelings towards the US are being monitored. Which reminds me; I need to shut down the GhostTheory Facebook account.

Be careful what you say and input in these “social networking sites”.