Minnesota Farmer Films Bigfoot

Minnesota Farmer Films Bigfoot

Here we go again! Another blobsquatch video is about to hit the viral storm. Fresh from YouTube is a video posted by SasquatchWatcher. The video was shot by a farmer who was out with his wife near the St. Croix River. Both heard a low grunting sound emanating from the trees and figured it was just a dear moving about. Equipped with a new Iphone, the farmer was able to capture a few seconds of what he believed to be the deer. It wasn’t until a few days later when the video was extracted to a computer that the couple realized that this wasn’t a deer at all.

With a massive body and long reddish hair, the bipedal creature can be seen in the video moving with great stealth through the brush. Many have talked about the dexterity and stealth that a Bigfoot possesses, and this video shows just that.

That is of course, if this really is the fabled Bigfoot that many have claimed to have seen over the centuries.

I’ve been around the web since its infancy in the early 90s and have seen tons of Crypto-videos and can tell you with certainty that nothing ever really gets proven in these videos. Eyewitness testimonies from centuries ago describe the Sasquatch in much the same manner that recent witnesses have described. But when it comes to videos, it’s a whole different scene. Videos tend to either be too vague, showing nothing but blurry shots consisting of shrubbery and some shadows, to videos of overly complicated costumes being worn by bored teenagers or people looking for attention.

So when I viewed this new Minnesota Bigfoot video, I automatically went on autopilot. I’ve been jaded by the countless videos over the years that while I was watching it, I instantly said to myself: “Too good of a shot. It looks too real, therefore it must be a hoax!”

Watch the video. You’ll see that this creature moves so naturally through the trees and shrubs that it scares you just a bit. You will notice musculature and long strands of reddish hair. You’ll notice that your skepticism drops a bit, but only for a split second because you must you remind yourself that you must doubt everything and everyone. Maybe the story of ol’ farmer John and his Iphone is just a made up one. The real farmer John is some bratty teenager trying to pull a fast one.

For me, I take a seat and let the video experts and primatologists tear this one apart.

Thanks to Andrew S. for bringing our attention to this one!
“Minnesota Auburn in crouched run 30 miles east of Saint Paul” 7/6/11 Farmer and his wife film 5 seconds of an Auburn Sas with his new Iphone as he walked the woods next to his hayfield. They hear a low grunting sound. They actually thought it was a deer running until they looked on the computer a few days later. Found by Candy at SasquatchwatchCanada w/ 2 views, we saw it next w/ 7. Confirms All over Auburn hair, high shoulders, gray hands, Pigmentation line on hand, muscles move when right foot stomps. –source: YouTube