Utah Campers Film Bigfoot? New Breakdown Footage Added

Utah Campers Film Bigfoot? New Breakdown Footage Added

Apparently Bigfoot is roaming the forests of many North American locales as a new video comes to us from some campers in the mountains of Utah.

The six men were on an outing in the mountains and hoped to get in some prime fishing and target shooting. What they encountered is something they never expected.

They claim to have had two cameras rolling as they closed out the day shooting a few targets. Suddenly you can see a bipedal animal step from behind a tree and start walking at an angle away from the camera. Later they show what appears to be a shelter in the woods approx 100 yards from their camp. Could this be a Sasquatch lair?

The men say they “scared something from the trees”. They go on to say that “none of them slept very well the next couple of nights”.

While we can not say this footage is definitive, we can also say it’s no Blobsquatch either.

As you can see, there are some pretty fair open views of the creature. Unfortunately, it still falls into the category of inconclusive.

A couple of things to note:

The campers are completely silent during the video. I turned my volume control up to 11 and could see a sound level bouncing (likely breathing) but no narration. Were they so frightened that they couldn’t speak? Not even a “WTF is that”? do we hear from them. While it is a red flag, I can perceive staying silent in order to keep focused on the subject. However, with 6, count em, 6 men in the vicinity, it’s hard to imagine no sound at all. Of course it could all be as simple as not using the soundtrack or maybe the mic control was turned way down.

The other anomaly was the shelter. Maybe this is a hoax and the shelter is just too much. It does look awfully complex for even an intelligent animal to construct. It almost looks like something I’ve seen built on one of the many survivor shows. While I have heard of Sasquatch crossing trees into a pyramid shape, I’ve rarely seen something so advanced attributed to them. Of course none of our witnesses make any claims or offer any explanations, they simply offer up the video.

So now it’s up to the readers to decide. Is this Bigfoot? Or, are these guys trying to pull a fast one?

Added today, Friday August 9th is this breakdown from the Crtyptohunters who are widely known to do these examinations on Youtube.

The only thing of real consequence in their findings is that it may be a female.