Records Department: Nepal Regulates Yeti Hunts

Records Department: Nepal Regulates Yeti Hunts

Did government officials know something the rest of us didn’t back in the 50s?

The Nepalese Embassy submitted a document to the US way back in 1959 that specifically outlines stipulations to regulate the search for Yeti. This document is very specific regarding searching, filming, photographing and the possibility of killing the beast.

We’ve all heard the stories of Monks who allegedly possessed and preserved body parts of the legendary Yeti. But the document below is quite interesting and if nothing else, perpetuates the search for this biped creature.

There are so many angles to view this from but one glaring event stands out. It would seem that the US State Department National Archives give a fairly clear impression. They along with the Foreign Service and US Embassy in Nepal likely believed that the cousin of Sasquatch did in fact roam the snowy peaks of the Himalayas. Furthermore, their stand on the subject is very evident as they approved and endorsed the regulations regarding American Yeti expeditions to the region.

Why did this memo come out on November 30, 1959? Was it tourism? Were they looking to cash in on curious travelers? Or did it have something to do with an entirely different issue, namely Tom Slick. Slick was a multimillionaire oil tycoon who had an intense interest in cryptozoology and more specifically the Yeti. Slick headed three expeditions to the region in the 50s and early 60s to search for the elusive creature.

Is it possible that all official departments involved believed that Slick would succeed in filming or photographing Yeti? Judging by the language of the document, they may have also expected Slick to capture or kill the white beast.

Source: National Archives

As mentioned above, Tom Slick seems to be the driving force of this regulatory document. The specifics seem a likely preface to government officials making claim to any evidence of Yeti. Would such evidence be confiscated and withheld from the public?

Was more going on here? Was the government deeply involved in some obscure activity? Could it be that the creature of the Himalayas was verified and the evidence hidden away? We may never know but famed Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman has written books on Tom Slick and his exploits in the crypto world. Good reading for those interested.

A very special thanks to GTs own beloved Valkyrie who brought this subject to my attention. Thanks Val!