Video: UFO Over Maryland. Shots Fired?

Video: UFO Over Maryland. Shots Fired?

Purely bizarre. I came across this video on YouTube in which according to the person who uploaded it, shows a triangle shaped UFO hovering above Carroll County, Maryland on the night of Friday November 12th, 2010.

The video also shows a hovering helicopter keeping a close eye on the triangular craft. Note the lack of FAA blinking lights on the triangular craft. What’s even more bizarre is that on the 1′ minute and 03″ second mark of the clip, we hear a loud explosion. Like that of a high caliber gun or cannon. The person filming the lights becomes startled as the blast is loudly heard. Was the shot from some frightened person on the ground? Or was it a warning shot from the helicopter?

Full source: YouTube

For about 2 hours on Friday November 12th, this object “hovered” over Carroll Maryland accompanied by very loud, intermittent sonic booms. (“Sonic” was how they were described to me.. the noises shook windows and houses).

The video shows three white lights in a triangular formation which do not move (use the moon as a point of reference) and a red, flashing light from the helicopter that circles the object.

The video was recorded with a cell phone by a friend’s mother. Please don’t bitch about the length. We all wish it were longer, but it isn’t.

My friend took a 4 hour bus ride back to Maryland last Sunday to do a little digging. He says the response of the several neighbors he spoke to were erratic–with some residents claiming to have heard the booms and recalled feeling their homes shake, while residents in the very next house claimed to hear nothing.

He also called 4 police stations in the area, but none of them offered an explanation for the booms.