Friday Video: The Demonic Documentary Ghosts and Spirits

Friday Video: The Demonic Documentary Ghosts and Spirits

So, I’ve been receiving some complaints lately about there being too many UFO and Bigfoot articles. I’m not going to say who it is but her initials are Lindsay. Did I just type that out loud?

OK, we all know that I love me some Lindsay and I am just kidding with her….as far as she knows, LOL! The fact is that I promised to do a story just for her.

So, in honor of Lindsay, I am not only going to do the story she picked out but I am also posting this FV as part of that tribute to her….And it’s not because I don’t have her pick ready to post. *eyes shift back and forth*

You many axe yourself, why? Why does Scott care about what Lindsay thinks? The answer to that is complicated. Maybe it’s because Lindsay is a pest, or maybe it’s because she thinks this site revolves around her. Actually, it’s neither of those reasons (or the 74 others I didn’t post).

The reason I care is because Lindsay is probably our most devoted GTer (Val doesn’t count because she works here). She is here literally day and night and she tries to comment on every single article we put up. Not to mention her avid involvement in the forums, where you can find original Lindsayisms on almost a daily basis.

I have to admit, I was quite irritated with her yesterday but I got to thinking about it and realized that Lindsay and a few others are the lifeblood of GT and they bring aspects to the site that provide ambiance and unique flavor. She’s like a lynchpin or someone you’d like to pin and then lynch! OK, it’s a joke, settle down back there. You know I’m having trouble trying to do this serious stuff.

OK, enough about Lindsay, I’ve already spent too much time without doing my signature FV Comedy Monologue and I know how much you all look forward to my hijinks and shenanigans, right? RIGHT? Don’t make me come and whitewash your fence Becky Thatcher!

This week we give to Lindsay exactly what she requested, more demons and ghosts. Oops! I did say enough about Lindsay, didn’t I? OK, from this point on I will refrain from mentioning the name Lindsay…after all, if we talk too much about Lindsay and only Lindsay, well, pretty soon it will be nothing but Lindsay and even Lindsay would get tired of seeing her name…which happens to be Lindsay. Of course Lindsay is Lindsay and you know how Lindsay and the Lindsay’s do that Lindsay thing, Lindsay?

Our FV documentary is about what else? Demons, Ghosts, Spirits and…Ahhhha! You thought I was going to say the “L” word. Gotcha!

Well, thats it for the witty banter. Hey! If you don’t like it then write an email, sign it and shove it up your…I mean send all complaints to Javier C/O I’m sure he’ll be glad to answer each and every one of you with a bright and shiny object…to distract you while he runs away.

Now, on with the show and never, ever say I didn’t post a scary video again…unless you aren’t scared that is.

Next week, my tribute to Henry. Wait! Stop! Come back! You Guyyys? Hello? *Chirp* *Chirp* Anyone? Bueller? McFly? Satchmo?…Lindsay? Come on you guys, this isn’t funny!