Results Of Sierra Kills DNA Allegedly Leaked: Unknown Primate

Apparently a guy who knows a guy claims that his source is privy to the goings on with DNA testing on the Sierra Kills flesh sample. They call it a steak but I am a bit reluctant to use that term.

This source says that all testing has been completed by 8 different and unique labs. The results are in and this is what was smuggled out to us via Bigfoot Evidence via Robert Lindsay:

All 8 labs are in agreement with the following:

1. Nonhuman
2. Not a known animal
3. “Unknown Primate”

If we are to believe this report then this is earth shattering news. However, I prefer to wait for the “official” results before throwing a Bigfoot party.

Here is the lowdown from Bigfoot Evidence:

Sources have informed me of the following:

The steak was sent out to ~8 different labs to be tested on a blind basis. Nuclear DNA testing was part of the process. The labs were not told what they were getting and they had no idea what they were testing. Two of the labs were said to have “figured out what it was,” whatever that means, and honestly it doesn’t make sense in the context. The cost was $~11,000 per result, so ~$90,000 was spent on DNA sequencing of the steak. This cost was apparently footed by Wally Hersom.

From all eight labs, the results came back:

1. Not human.

2. Not any known animal.

3. “Unknown primate.”

A lot of the labs made communications to Ketchum along the lines of “What in the Hell is this we are testing anyway?” “WFT?” “WTH?” “Huh?” The labs were essentially dumbfounded and befuddled by the specimen, but they reported the results in official reports as they were paid to do.

#3. is important, because although the DNA matched no known living creature, it is primate DNA. I would go further and suggest that it is hominid DNA.

#1 is extremely important and cannot be emphasized enough. This is because the skeptic blogs keep repeating over and over that Ketchum’s results are “human DNA.” I can emphatically confirm that the results for at least the Bigfoot steak from the Sierra Kills were definitely “100% non human.”

The reason we know it is not human is because the genes are too far apart from human genes.

Say we look at 30,000 nuclear DNA genes. The results will be something like this:

Human Bigfoot Chimpanzee

Human 0? 600 1,800

Out of 30,000 nuclear DNA genes, the chimpanzee will differ from the human on ~1,800 genes. The Bigfoot will possibly differ from the human by ~600 genes. It is this distance in genes, and nothing else, that is apparently leading Ketchum to say that Bigfoots exist as a biological entity.

If you have a sample of 30,000 genes in which 600 of them differ from Homo sapiens, there is no way on Earth that we are dealing with “human DNA,” as the skeptics repeat in a near autistic, Tourette’s like fashion. I really wish we could put this to rest, but the skeptics keep banging their heads against this wall, so we have to keep answering it as redundantly as they ask it.

Source: Bigfoot Evidence

So we have information but is it legitimate? It’s hard to say and not many of us are going to draw a conclusion based on hearsay.

Even if it is legitimate, what does it prove without a body? I’m sure the scientific community are not going to accept any DNA results without a specimen of some sort. Is a bit of flesh enough? I suppose only time will tell.

I’d love to get the opinions of the GT community and it just so happens there is an open spot right below where anyone…well, almost anyone can leave a comment. Pretty handy, huh? Lets hear it!