New Year, New UFOs

New Year, New UFOs

Wow…it seems like 2012 began with a heavy inundation of UFO news. Scores of videos are freshly uploaded to YouTube with enticing titles such as “New Year’s eve UFO” or “Tapei UFO”. These videos, like many reviewed here, offer little to no details on otherwise dimly lit glowing orbs. A level-headed person would simply just dismiss these as Chinese lanterns, in accordance to the New Year.

However, there appears to be many reports of strangely shaped crafts being sighted across the globe. The HuffingtonPost posted their usual celebrity-related article titled “UFOs and Aliens Were Hot Topics for Celebrities in 2011“. Of course, these articles seem to only be made with the intentions of going viral. If we try to dig a bit deeper, we find a flood of articles from the ever-so controversial news site, Examiner. The “lost & found” source for anything UFO related.

The Examiner will publish anything (any video) that has the word UFO in it. Run this simply query search on Google: ufo
You’ll see a list of some of the worst UFO video and news clips from around. Most of the stories there are just copy paste details from the MUFON library anyways, nothing remotely new.

Weeding through the reports, there seems to be a “rise” in UFO incidents. But reporting strange lights or crafts in the air is one thing, filming them is another.

This video was shot in Turkey on December 28th, 2011.

The video raises curiosity, only because the object shows a little detail and appears to be stationary in midair. Then we read the description that comes along with the video. It reads:

My message to the whole world,
My target is to share with you a live show with a UFO.

I want to make a movie which is called MY TWLEVE YEARS WİTH ALİENS.
Aliens are shared a message for the world,I want to make a movie for this subject too.

I search a very famous director.
There are very interesting events in my film draft.
I think all of the world will watch it with very curiosity
Who are curiosity of space,I want their helps.

I search a very famous director“. That should be good enough to make you stop reading.

Bare with us, as we approach 2012 with more caution and try our best to filter out the garbage that makes it onto the net.