Video: Eerie predictions From 30 Years Ago

Video: Eerie predictions From 30 Years Ago

This unknown French transplant in California claims to have “had to leave France” after one of his predictions came true.

He’s alleges that he sees the future in pictures and while his timing is off on some and he’s not 100% accurate, he does hit on several. His biggest is that he predicts visitation in 2012 and he says beyond that his visions stop. In other words, ET is going to vanquish the human race from the face of the planet.

Here’s a video interview with him from 1980:

Most here know my theories on psychics and the human senses, so I’ll not entertain that again. What I will say is this guy does make the hair stand up on your neck.

Anyone seen or heard of this man before?

Thanks to Before It’s News for the tip.