Jeff Meldrum Examines Alleged Bigfoot Flesh From Sierra Kills? (Meldrum Comments Below)

Well, according to Robert Lindsay, the person I trust and admire most in the field of Bigfoot research has supposedly traveled to the site of Justin Smeja’s alleged Sierra Kills.

Dr. Meldrum made the trek in July of last year along with a woman who had a cadaver dog and spent a good amount of time searching for bodies says Lindsay.

Apparently Smeja was present with his flesh sample as well as Matt Moneymaker and the Olympic Project.

I don’t know how true or accurate this information is but here’s how it went down according to Lindsay:

Details on the trip to the Sierra Kills to find the bodies in July 2011. Quite a few people were present on this trip, including Dr. Jeff Meldrum and Dr. Mioczynski, a man who lives in a cabin way off in the woods and has been interested in Bigfoot for quite some time. Meldrum showed up with a woman who had a cadaver dog. The woman very much wanted her dog to find the Bigfoot body(s) so she could get credit for it.

A team including Smeja, the Olympic Project and Matt Moneymaker was already there and had already been at the site for two days scouring it looking for the bodies. The cadaver dog then searched for a day for the bodies. Nothing was found. They were using a small piece of the Bigfoot steak as bait for the dogs. The piece had been salt-dried and there were worries that that could have killed the scent.

Smeja was videotaping the scene. Jeff Meldrum held up a piece of the Bigfoot steak and said on tape in front of everyone, “This is it. This is what I’ve been looking for all of these years.”Then he went down a list confirming that this was the real deal.

Then Meldrum took a small piece of the steak no larger than a fingernail with him back to his lab and examined it. He decided that it probably was not a Bigfoot due to the presence of guard hairs. This led Meldrum to believe that the steak was actually a piece of coyote. A source told us that what killed Meldrum’s enthusiasm was his Bigfoot as Ape theory. Apes do not have guard hairs, and Bigfoot is an ape, so the Bigfoot steak could not be from a Bigfoot. Dogs have guard hairs, so it is probably from a dog.

We have never before examined Bigfoot hair that is attached to skin before. It is possible that the underhairs or guard hairs can only be seen when the hair is attached to skin. The hairs we find otherwise not attached to flesh may not show guard hairs. I believe that the Bigfoot steak is from a Bigfoot, not a coyote, and I believe that Bigfoots must have guard hairs. A source also informed us that there are some tribes of humans that live above 10,000 feet elevation that have almost guard hairs or underhairs to protect them from the cold.

Sources also say that the notion that Meldrum thinks it is from a coyote are not really true as Meldrum already said what he thought it was. The Bigfoot steak simply failed Meldrum’s test because Meldrum wants so badly for Bigfoot to be an ape. A source told me,

Believe me Robert, after looking at tons of coyotes in my life, that flesh doesn’t look anything like a coyote, not in a million years. Hell, the color isn’t even right. Apparently the bigger piece was light in some areas and dark in others. The pic I have is of the darker area. The hair is far to long for a yote and is kinky almost like human pubic hairs. It in no way resembles a coyote. So Meldrum just has sour grapes.

A photo or photos of the Bigfoot steak definitely exist. I have spoken to someone who has seen photos of the steak. Apparently a number of people have seen these photos and they are definitely floating around. We are trying very hard to obtain a photo, but they are very hard to get ahold of. People who have photos won’t give them up.

Do I believe any of this transpired? It’s difficult to say. One thing I will say is that I trust what Dr. Meldrum has said in the past to be true and accurate. That’s about as far as I’m willing to go.

I’m a bit surprised that Dr. Meldrum hasn’t reported on this trip or his findings to the public as he’s not the type to hold back information, at least I don’t think he is based on past history.

Why all this nonsense has to be a big mystery is beyond me. It’s getting ridiculous the way those involved hold back information and then bleed it out like they’re holding a national secret. That’s why I credit Larry Surface, he just put it all out there for everyone to see.

I suppose time will tell just how much of this is genuine and yes, there have been new reports about Ketchum’s project being published and a film coming out. However, I’ve decided to stop writing about all the pre-pre stuff and wait for the actual news to happen.

So, as I like to do, I’ll leave it up to the reader to hash through and decide what they want to believe.

Thanks to Shawn over at Bigfoot Evidence for the tip-off

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Update from Dr. Meldrum’s Facebook Page:

Yesterday, Robert Lindsay posted an item reporting on events associated with the alleged shooting in the Sierras by Justin Smeja. It was in turn picked up by other blogs and several individuals contacted me directly asking for confirmation. The piece is riddled with errors and false insinuations, to say the least. I am very disappointed in the caliber of the journalism. Attached is the text with the erroneous elements highlighted in red. Presently, I am not at liberty to discuss details of my participation during the examination of the scene or the tissue sample provided, due to an NDA with parties involved.

I can say:
There was no “steak” — i.e. no muscle tissue, just a patch of skin and hair.

I was invited to the scene and had permission to bring a dog handler, but the scene was already rendered unsuitable by the activities of those already on site, and the dogs were never deployed.

I never made the statement rendered in quotation marks.

I never enumerated a list of characteristics indicating it was the “real deal” — quite the opposite.

I returned to the lab with a tiny sliver of the salted specimen (1mm x 5mm) with a couple dozen hairs attached. I cannot discuss the details of the analysis of the hair further due to the NDA.

I will say that humans are primates. No primates have underhairs. No human populations adapt to elevation by sprouting underhair.

Also, there are a lot of misconceptions and misrepresentations about my ideas concerning what sasquatch are — more ape-like or more human-like. I don’t appreciate others putting words in my mouth, who don’t have a grasp of the principles involved.

Finally, this just received from Mr. Lindsay at the close of a brief email exchange:

“You have developed an unfriendly tone in this exchange, and that makes it hard to work with you now and certainly in the future. If you develop a positive relationship with me, you receive special consideration in our reporting about you. Just a heads up.”

You be the judge…