Mexican Police Chase UFO

Mexican Police Chase UFO
Photo: Inexplicata

Photo: Inexplicata

Scott Corales from the IHU has been following the developing case of police officers from Mexicali, Mexico, who gave chase to an unidentified flying object last month.

According to the story, the object was captured on closed circuit cameras. It’s seen as a bright hovering orb in an otherwise degraded video. What’s more important than the useless video (as far as evidence goes), is the fact that the 066 –Mexican national emergency number– was being flooded by phone calls from people who were reporting a strange object in the Mexicali night sky.

The object was described as white in color with blue and yellow lights. Amazingly, this object could have been seen by thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of witnesses. Those lucky few were treated to a dizzying array of aerial maneuvers that seemed impossible by conventional aircraft. The phone calls and reports were strong enough to warrant police involvement in the case. Read Inexplicata’s report below.

Source: and La Voz de la Frontera
Date: 01.24.2012

Mexico: Police Engage in UFO Chase
By Juan Galvan – Mexicali, Baja California

“A UFO with white lights, blue and yellow flashes” — The first report was received from the airport area, and [the object] was even seen by C-4 operators manning the safety cameras that appear to have recorded it. The sighting prompted the mobilization of police officials. Martin Ruelas, supervisor of the western sector, was able to see it with his own eyes, but it was too fast and it was impossible to follow.

An Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) prompted an intense mobilization by elements of the Public Safety Forces of the City of Mexicali, arising from citizen reports about the presence of a strange device in the air.

Alejandro Monreal Noriega, general commander of Patrols in the Dirección de Seguridad Pública Municipal (DSPM) reported that the first news item was received from people living in the vicinity of the airport.

Even C-4 operators, responsible for urban security cameras, saw the object in their systems and it appears to have been recorded. Furthermore, hundreds of phone calls were received at the “066” number, reporting the flying object’s presence.

It was seen around the airport and subsequently flying at dizzying speeds toward the new guard post after citizens reported seeing it over the Marán Industrial Park, and subsequently in the Rivera Campestre district and related areas.
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