The 1967 Shag Harbour UFO Incident

The 1967 Shag Harbour UFO Incident

On the night of October 4th, 1967, residents of a small and tranquil fishing village saw what they believed to be an airplane in distress. From a distance, many observed large orange lights flying at a low altitude. With a fiery roar, the objects whooshed through the dark sky and dove straight into the shallow waters of Shag Harbour. The sighting that night was not of an airplane in distress, but rather one of Canada’s most famous UFO sightings.

The sighting

The objects came from the rorthwest skies according to several witnesses that night. Some reported four flashing orange lights, some reported only seeing two. The unidentified objects were said to emit a loud whistling noise as it flew above them. When the UFOs –I’m using the acronym UFO as its true meaning: Unidentified Flying Object– approached the shallow, but strong, waters of Shag Harbour, it began descending at faster speeds until the bright orange lights ultimately slammed into the sea. The hullabaloo that night drew the curious out from their beds and onto the cold and slimy surfaces of the harbor.

Calvary arrives

Among the  sleepless spectators, several Royal Canadian Mounter Police officers stood with dropped jaws, as they all bear witness to this brilliant display of underwater lights. By the time

a small crowd started to gather in the muggy shores, the eerie glow of both UFOs could still be seen from a distance. Out in the dark waters, the lights could be seen under a couple of feet of water. The RCMP described them as pale lights under eight feet of water. Their description of what they saw that night told of the objects making their way out towards the open waters of the Atlantic. Leaving behind a trail of floating yellow foam. Thinking it was a sinking airplane, the RCMP contacted the RCC (Rescue Coordination Centre) in Halifax, to setup a search and rescue operation.



Fishermen and yellow foam

As a standard procedure, the RCC radioed several fishermen from Shag Harbour. Since they would be the fastest out in the cold waters, the RCC relied on the Fishermen to be the first at a disaster off the shore. No sooner than later the small fishing vessels were heading out towards the submerged pale lights. What the fishermen encountered wasn’t like anything they had seen before out in the waters. Seasoned fishermen were shocked to see that the lights had disappeared at incredible speeds. By the time they arrived at the last location of the lights, they found that only a strange yellowish foam was the only visible thing out in those waters. No bodies, twisted wreckage or any other signs of an airplane crash was visible.

When questioned by the authorities on what they had seen out there, the fishermen could only describe the mysterious yellow foam and the horrible smell it produced. The men said that the area smelled of sulfur. Again, unlike anything they had ever seen.

Official Shag UFO file

An hour later, the Canadian Coast Guard shows up. They too reported no wreckage or lights. Just the strange foam floating on the surface of the water.

The next morning, the RCC sent a telex to the Royal Canadian Air Force. They mentioned no signs of aircraft wreckage, aircraft missing or even possible military flares that could explain the sighting. The only proof they had were the testimonies of civilians, Coast Guard and the RCMP. The telex was sent, as the RCC & RCMP needed to make sure this was no airplane. With no other explanation for the lights, the word UFO was written on the telex.


The Navy searches

The Royal Canadian Navy was called into action. On the night of October 7th, just days after the crash, Navy divers combed the seabed for what they believed to be the wreckage of an airplane. For hours, the divers remained underwater. Many witnesses reported seeing the divers surface and being pulled onto their boats and diving back down into the water several times.

The RCN claimed nothing was detected in the deep waters and that the object that many reported a few nights ago was definitely a UFO. Unidentified for sure.


A photograph & conspiracies emerge

The Canadian Navy was on the hush hush on the days-long search and rescue effort. They reported finding nothing out in the waters outside Shag Harbour. They quickly wrapped up their search efforts and moved out of the scene quietly and suspiciously.

While there were no official explanations as to what crashed into the waters that night, many people began to question those who claimed to have seen the lights that night. The rumor and speculation mill began churning at full speed. It seemed like it was all a dream, that is until a photograph emerged. An hour before the infamous crash, Wilfred Eisnor was getting ready to photograph the burning of an old and dilapidated boat that was resting near the shores of Shag Harbor that faithful October night. Wilfred and his buddies were enjoying the nice bonfire that the boat produced, when he decided to set up his camera with a five minute exposure. The image he captured that night is said to be the only photograph of the supposed UFO of UAP lights.

Eisnor photograph
Eisnor photograph

Eisnor’s camera was set with a five minute exposure. Any stationary object in the dark sky that night would show up on the photograph with motion blur, on account that the Earth is always moving. All of the stars that night did show up with motion blur on the photo. What confused Eisnor, a professional photographer, was that in his photograph, amidst the motion-blurred stars, there were several glowing objects in the night sky. These different colored objects however did not have any motion blur or comet-tails behind them. In other words, these weird lights were not stationary against that black sky.


To many, the photograph wasn’t the proof of the high strangeness that night. The proof to them was the supposed confession of a former NORAD operator who went public about when had transpired that cold October night.

The whistle blower, a former member of the Barrington NORAD Station, came forward with classified information on the UFO. According to what he claims, the NORAD station was briefed days after the initial sighting report.

He claims that they were informed that the UFO entered Canadian airspace from the northwest of Canada and made its way across towards the East. They were told that the military had been tracking the UFO and that there were two objects that night. The secondary glowing object seemed to be trailing the first one. As if providing some mid-air assistance.


Another anonymous Military personnel came forward to testify on what he knew was an attempt at covering up the facts. From what they (the military) knew, the object was nowhere near the initial search point. The military knew that within minutes of hitting the water, the objects traveled up to the northwest part of Nova Scotia, coming to rest near Shelburne, about 50 kilometers from Shag Harbour.



Top secret base & Soviets subs


Shelburne is home to the infamous  HMCS base. A base that at one point was a top secret submarine detection base. The HMCS base was responsible for detecting any submarine or ship presence on the North Atlantic seaboard. They monitored the deep waters with a detection grid that was capable of picking up magnetic anomalies and heavy metals in the water. They were setup especially to monitor any Soviet submarine activity. The HCMS was part of the SOSUS system. The Sound Surveillance System. A large underwater network of microphones that stretched all the way to the U.K.


The HMCS and SOSUS reported that the UFOs were a few miles off the coast near Shelburne. They detected the large objects resting on the bottom of the ocean seabed. An army of Canadian and U.S. flotillas were sent to investigate. There were also jets sent to comb the waters from the sky to a possible clue as to what these large glowing objects were. The radars kept pointing at something large under the water, so for about a week, teams of military divers were sent into the dark abyss to try and photograph and film what was lurking below. Here’s were the story gets creepy.


According to some reports the divers made, there were two large UFO crafts at the bottom. It appeared that one of the objects was assisting (probably mechanically) the other object. They were able to photograph the crafts as well as other “things” that were present in the water with the divers.

One diver from the United States Navy had come forward many years later and spoke as to what he witnessed in the ocean during that time.

The diver known as “Harry” went on to claim that several photographs of the crafts were taken by his team. Harry did not recognize the crafts as being man-made. He was sure that these objects were not from this planet.


The divers also reported strange “things” around the UFOs. What these “things” are is anybody’s guess.


As the divers spend a few days collecting photo evidence, things were heating up on the surface. An approaching Soviet submarine had caused quite a stir with the Canadian and U.S. Navy. The tension between all three parties was enough to cause a disruption in the investigation.


When the Soviet submarine refused to turn away, the UFOs were reported to have sunk even lower and finally moving out at tremendous speeds. Breaking the surface miles away and disappearing into the dark skies from which they’ve came from.



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