UFOs Getting Bolder, We Will Never Look At Clouds The Same

UFOs Getting Bolder, We Will Never Look At Clouds The Same

Thanks to Michael Cohen for this report of UFO filmed in Russia in December of 2011.
Is this a UFO employing some sort of cloaking technology we are not capable of yet? Did somebody forget to turn it on before they got in sight of the Russian city of Trekhgorny? Or were these aliens simply embarrassed to be on their way to a screening of “Borat” in his homeland?

Cloud making UFO brings Russian city to standstill, video

Michael Cohen [email protected]

A cloud emitting UFO has brought an entire Russian city to a standstill, overshadowing Christmas and New Year celebrations and leaving residents perplexed and seeking answers from local politicians (see video below). The event took place yesterday in the southern city of Trekhgorny, located in the Chelyabinsk region near Russia’s border with Khazakstan. Reports are filtering in claiming that nervous community leaders have already relayed messages to Moscow’s Science Ministry asking for clarification as to the nature of the UFO witnessed and filmed. The event is significant in that Trekhgorny, created under Soviet rule, is a closed city and non-residents are forbidden entry unless in possession of a formal invitation from friends or family, approved by local authorities.

Trekhgorny’s status as a closed city is due to the fact that its main industry is the production of nuclear reactors. Consequently some are suggesting that it is possible that alien technology might be currently being reversed engineered in its midst. Ample research has been done on the topic of the high incidence of UFO and alien activity in the vicinity of nuclear reactors. Strong evidence suggests that aliens are extremely concerned with human plans to make use of nuclear energy in space.

Numerous witnesses to UFOs have described these craft’s cloud making capabilities. It has also been noted that the use of these “clouds” for the purpose of camouflage by visiting aliens is particularly common in instances where the UFO is seen near military or nuclear facilities.

Some commentators are suggesting that with this very public showing, aliens are sending a very clear message to Moscow regarding their concerns. Alien activity in Russia reached a peak in 2011. Strong evidence suggests that Russia is in communion with a number of alien races and although UFO bases exist in Siberia, relations between Russia and these visitors are shaky.
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Or are the aliens sending us a message? For many years one of the common explanations of UFOs has been a phenomena called Lenticular clouds. Are they laughing at us behind their little grey hands by creating these clouds to hide inside of all the while letting us believe it is nothing more than a curiosity of nature? Whatever this is, it is nothing atmospheric I am familiar with. As follow-up I am looking into some of the assertions made in this item, specifically the UFO bases in Siberia, and hope to be posting something on them very soon.

Henry Paterson