Pulitzer Prize Winning Author: On the Taboo Of Paranormal Science Reporting

Pulitzer Prize Winning Author: On the Taboo Of Paranormal Science Reporting


Skeptiko.com posted a very interesting interview with Deborah Blum author of Ghost HuntersWilliam James and the Hunt for Scientific Proof of Life After Death. Blum is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author of several books. In this Skeptico interview, host Steve Volk interviews Deborah Blum on the issues with science reporting and the paranormal.

Steve Volk: This is one of the hardest things. Who do we believe? Who do we trust? I want to see somehow people in the middle pick this stuff up and look at it, but that’s a very, very rare occurrence.

Deborah Blum: I agree. Like I said, I’m a mainstream science journalist and daughter of a chemist. But what was fascinating to me when I started working on Ghost Hunters is that I’d go and give talks at different universities. I mean literally, I was at the University of Florida and they said, ‘Oh, let us tell you about our haunted laboratory.’ Or I was at a meeting with a bunch of animal researchers and I was sitting next to a very respected scientist from Stanford who immediately started telling me about the telepathic experiences she’d had with a friend of hers who is a scientist at Southwestern University. I thought to myself, ‘This whole world exists that really those of us in the skeptic/science community never see because people just don’t tell you about it.



The interview is in a podcast format, and can be heard by visiting Skeptico.com.

It’s interesting to hear about how many unexplained events scientists encounter on their day to day research that they refuse to publish or talk about on a professional level. Losing your credentials as a scientist and research is by no doubt something detrimental to your career, so this is why most choose to remain silent about the paranormal, even though themselves have been witnesses to some of the most eerie of events. Listen to Skeptico’s podcast, one of the best out there.