Las Vegas UFO Video

Las Vegas UFO Video


The above video was shot in Las Vegas, Nevada on March 21 by a tourist from Ohio. The strange cluster of glowing lights appear to be floating aimlessly amidst the dark Nevada sky. From the video we can see that they are moving in all sorts of directions and appear to be drifting. This could be indicative of some illuminated lightweight floating object like a Chinese lantern.

But then I saw the stabilized version of this video that has been sped-up and these lights started to look a bit weird to me. At times, the bright objects appear to zig-zag across from each other. Some zooming by at faster speeds than the other orbs. I have to admit, they looked strange for a minute.

That is until you remember that high-altitude winds run in all different directions, probably being accountable for the strange dance-like movements we see in the Las Vegas UFO video. So I will have to go with the “Chinese Lanterns” UFO explanation on this one.

What do you guys think?