Cop ‘Vaporized’ By Strange Light

Cop ‘Vaporized’ By Strange Light

The following video supposedly shows a police office during a routine stop in some remote highway. Within seconds after approaching the stopped vehicle, the office is hit with a strange bright light. The intensity of the light is bright enough to illuminate half of the scene, although most of it remains focus on the police office. We can see the officer begin to stagger back a bit before crouching or falling down. If you pay close attention, you can hear a faint groan coming from the office and hear some noises as the light manifests and fades away. The occupant in the vehicle doesn’t bother checking on the police officer, he peels out as quickly as he sees the still-smoking body of the officer.

Most comments on YouTube refer to the light as a “UFO light”.  Insinuating that this might be some UFO death ray or something along those lines. Yet others were talking about the possibility of the first Spontaneous Human Combustion caught on film. Then there are those people who believed this to be a hoax.

The following comment appeared in the YouTube thread in regards to the video of the “vaporized police man”:

Awesome vid but:

FAKE, listen from 00:01-00:03 and you will hear the police chatter from GTA Liberty City: v=9FxgVS7bylA this is a copy of it, it’s used on most fake cop vids.


It seems like AGreenWhiteRedA knows their video games. Listen closely to the recording of the police radio chatter in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City. It sounds fairly similar to that of the cop video:

I must say that it does sound similar to the initial chatter from the police radio we hear. This could be some viral video for a movie or video game, or maybe just the product of some really bored individuals.

What do you guys make of this?