Friday Video: Westall UFO Encounter

Friday Video: Westall UFO Encounter

The year was 1966. At around eleven one April morning, a couple of strange metallic crafts were seen descending from the sky onto a busy high school school. According to those who were present at the time, there were more than 200 students and a few teachers that were witnesses to a metallic saucer-shaped craft hovering low near the school yard and eventually touching down. From their appearance, to their disappearance, the incident lasted about twenty minutes.

Students and a few teachers approached the objects, which are described as small, silver in color and radiating heat. Eventually the UFOs began hovering again and ascended at incredible speeds. Disappearing out of view, leaving the witnesses confused and frightened.

For this installment of Friday Video, I’d like to present the Westall UFO documentary.

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