Secret Access: UFOs On The Record

Secret Access: UFOs On The Record

Every once in awhile the History Channel comes out with well written, well produced documentary on UFOs. I’m not talking about some Ancient Aliens here, I’m talking about the real stuff, stuff like blacked-out government documents, FAA administrators speaking publicly about strange events and cover-ups.

Secret Access: UFOs On The Record3 focuses on those cases that leave even the most die-hard skeptics questioning the government’s explanations.

Some believe the earliest documentation of alien visitation to Earth exists in prehistoric cave paintings and petroglyphs, where drawings of strange humanoid figures feature distinctively non-human attributes and anatomy, including helmets and other accoutrements too advanced to be from the ancient world. From the prehistoric drawings through the Roswell incident, reports of strange and unexplainable sightings in the skies have become part of an unofficial historic record.

With the proliferation of video and photo technology in the modern era, reports of these events along with visual evidence have only increased. 95% of UFO sightings are false, resulting either from misidentification or deliberate hoaxes.

But the other 5% cannot be dismissed; SECRET ACCESS: UFOS ON THE RECORD focuses on those 5%. –History Channel