11 Year Old Girl A Real Life Firestarter?

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One thing that many of us can agree on is that some countries hold onto superstitions, especially the pockets of less educated people. However, in this case we could have a genuine phenomena and this one hasn’t been thought up by Stephen King.

To quickly review: Stephen King wrote a book called Firestarter which later became a motion picture. In the book a young girl starts fires via mental evocation when she gets upset or angry. Some of you may remember a youngster named Drew Barrymore as the child Charlie McGee in the film.

Now, straight out of the movies, we have an 11 year old Vietnamese girl who is alleged to have this fire starting ability.

Here’s the video along with a short description:

“The case of an 11-year-old girl in HCM City’s Tan Binh District claimed to have supernatural fire- starting powers is continuing to baffle scientists. The girl, whose family claims she has an unusual mental power that can cause objects to burst into flames, has drawn a great deal of attention from the Vietnamese media. The girl’s father said he first became aware of that his child was unusual when the family home’s electrical network suffered several short circuits, about a month ago. Electricians were called to fix the short circuit but could not find the cause behind the power failures.  He said the girl was taken to other houses where the same phenomenon took place each time. Her mattresses, fans and other equipment have burst into flames. The hotel room where her family stayed two weeks ago during their holiday on Vung Tau beach also suffered burns from a blaze. The family then realised that objects were burnt when the girl approached them, although her body did not radiate any electric sparks, said her father. The girl has been examined by doctors at Cho Ray Hospital and the Children’s Hospital No. 2 but nothing abnormal has been found. But a team of scientists from the Centre of Research and Application for Radio-active Geo- biological Energy at Hong Bang University has also carried out tests on the girl and confirmed that she is unusual. Prof. Nguyen Manh Hung, director of the university, said that the girl is capable of burning things arround her. “This is a very strange case not only in Viet Nam but for the world,” said Hung. Brain scans discovered an unusual line on the right part of the girl’s brain, said the doctor. “She burned objects that were located near and far from her, so there is no specific distance limit,” said Hung. Samples of her blood, skin tissue and urine along with objects from the girl’s home have been taken for further analysis, he said. Nguyen Phuc Giac Hai, a scientist at the Research Centre of Human Potential, said the girl was a global scientific phenomenon. “This case is special because it has lasted for more than one month and fires have occurred wherever she has been,” said Hai. He said the centre is going to hold a conference next week to find out the causes of the girl’s condition and discuss ways to ensure her protection. Scientists at the Viet Nam Physics Institute are also studying the case and will soon release their findings. Hung said the girl will be taken to school or other places by a car and with carers, and her home and school have also been equipped with fire extinguishers.

OK, so if we are to use a little logic here, we’d notice that there are quite a few electrical outlets, appliances and wires involved. Now, I’m not saying there’s something going on here…Well actually, that’s exactly what I’m saying.

Nuff said from me as I’m just supposed to throw it out there. Now it’s time for you guys to do that thing you do. Extra points to anyone who can translate the video.

Thanks to Youtuber WorIdStarHipHopVEVO for this hot subject.

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