Howling Bigfoot Audio?

Howling Bigfoot Audio?

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Bigfoot screams captured on audio July 8th, 2012 near clipper mills, ca. This is the original video that has been edited for time, the audio has been enhanced to pull out the screams. this is exactly as it happened, it has changed us and we will never forget that night for as long as we live. i am so glad i caught this to prove our sanity and to remind us that this actually happened. -source: YouTube

This is the YouTube description for the audio you are about to hear. According to the person who shot the nighttime video, the howling, or screams, of this creature near Clipper Mills, California, was too strong to be that of a coyote or a dog.

The video is just under fifteen minutes long and is almost totally dark. However we can appreciate the clarity of the insistent howling in the background. I’m not an outdoors man at all, so what I’m hearing sounds like a howling dog to me. I’m sure some of you out there have plenty of experience in the woods and remote areas and maybe could comment on this video and give us your opinion on it.

Does it sound like something a bear or dog could emit? Or maybe what they heard that night near Clipper Mills is just some “call blasting” from a local “Bigfoot hunting” group?